How to Check if My BMW 3 Series F30 Has AUX Function?

BMW 3 series is a popular small family car manufactured by BMW, the sixth generation of BMW 3 series is BMW F30 from 2012 to present, including BMW 316i, 318i, 320i, 328i, 330i, 335i, etc. Nowadays aftermarket touch screen navigation head unit is available for different generations of BMW 3 series like BMW E46, E90 and BMW F30.

For those who want to upgrade the factory BMW F30 screen with navigation system, the first question you will need to check is if your car has AUX function. Because the aftermarket BMW f30 android head unit transfers the music sound to car speakers through original AUX function. So AUX function is very important.

The question is, how do i know if my BMW F30 has AUX function?

bmw f30 aux in armrest

You can follow the following step by step instructions to find it out.

Normally the AUX port is located in the armrest, so you can check if there’s a AUX port in the armrest.

After you find it out in the armrest, how do i know if it works well now? Well, you can use a AUX cable to connect your phone and see if it plays AUX music, if yes, your AUX does work well now.

Or you can follow below steps to check further.

  1. Firstly use idrive control knob to select “CD/Multimedia” from main menu.
  2. Then select “External devices“.
  3. Select “AUX front“.
  4. Enter, now you can activa AUX function and see AUX volume interface now.
    If your car’s AUX works well, you should be able to adjust the AUX volume from low to high, so try to adjust the AUX volume now, and see if it can be adjusted.

With the above steps, now you can know if your car’s AUX works well.

After installation of BMW F30 head unit, in order to hear the music sound from the new unit, you will need to enter AUX mode from factory menu on new screen. If there’s no sound coming from the new unit, firstly check if you activate the factory AUX mode. If you have any questions about this post, you can write a comment or contact us free.