Getting The Best BMW F30 Head Unit Upgrade with Infotainment System

Undoubtedly, BMW is one of the finest automobile brands in the world. You will get luxurious feel riding in the BMW. So, if you want to get upgraded items in your BMW 3 series F30, the first thing you may want to change is its factory F30 radio and screen. Most BMW F30 head unit just comes with an small screen without navigation system installed. So, you can upgrade it with an aftermarket large HD touch screen Android navigation infotainment system, the following is a good choice for you.

bmw f30 head unit upgrade

Of course, it may be a bit expensive for you, but that’s much less expensive than original head unit. Besides, it will help to give many benefits and you’d think it’s worth for a upgrade.

Generally, the aftermarket BMW F30 head unit with Android OS has many features while the factory head unit does not have. Moreover, it is common for many BMW series automobiles. So, you can make your automobile different from others.

When you are using a factory radio, it gives limited features. However, you may need something extra. An android head unit will make the touch screen similar to your android smartphone. As most of the people are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, it becomes easy and comfortable to use. It does not need much time to learn how to operate and how the settings work.

Disadvantages of factory BMW F30 radio head unit

The factory f30 screen is a good unit for your BMW car. However, it has some lacking benefits. Here’s we mentioned some of the disadvantages that you will face.

  • Not come with navigation system
  • Not have Bluetooth hands free phone calls or Bluetooth stereo music function
  • Not support aftermarket HD CCD reverse camera
  • Factory screen is a little small
  • That would be very expensive to update original maps

Advantages of new android F30 navigation head unit

A new Android BMW F30 head unit infotainment system will add many exciting features to your automobile. It comes with the benefits that you are looking for your automobile.

So, we are trying to highlight some of the benefits of the new navigation head unit.

  • Based on full Android OS which supports apps download and install
  • Interface with factory looking
  • The outlook is smart and suits a BMW
  • Add GPS navigation system, ready to use after installation
  • Support Bluetooth hands free phone calling
  • Support Bluetooth streaming music, displays song name, singer name, you can control for the next and previous song
  • Built-in WiFi module, easy to connect internet for emails, music, videos and more
  • Mirror link function allows you to display your phone on the new screen
  • Support steering wheel controls
  • Support an aftermarket reverse camera
  • You can switch between factory menus and new menus on one screen
  • You can connect a DVR with the new head unit
  • GPS maps are free to update


If you are thinking to change factory BMW F30 screen, you should go with an aftermarket android F30 head unit upgrade. It will help to give many features and easy to navigate. Besides, you will not lose the factory radio and CD function, just replace the old small screen with a new larger and better screen and add much more excellent features.

Replace it and get the best and enjoy new features today. You can shop here.

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