Car GPS Navigation System DVD User Manual


Standard Accessories————————————————————–
Remote Controller Operate——————————————————-
Menu Function Operate———————————————————–
Navigation Path Set Operate—————————————————–
Radio Function Operate———————————————————–
Bluetooth Function Operate——————————————————
AUX Function Operate———————————————————–
DVD Video Function Operate—————————————————
Music Function Operate———————————————————
Picture Function Operate——————————————————–
TV Function Operate (Optional) ———————————————–
IPOD Function Operate(Optional)———————————————
Setup Function Operate———————————————————
Trouble&Disposal Solution—————————————————–
Technology Parameter———————————————————–
Accompanying drawing (Power line ,A/V connector line)

Standard Accessories
1. Power Cables
2. AV  Cable
3. Remote Controller&Battery
4. GPS Antenna
5. MINI USB Cable
6. User Manual
7. Installation Bracket(for some cars)

Optional Accessories
1. TV Antenna
2. IPOD  Cable

Under DVD Function, remote controller Operation:
1. Mute. Press again mute or Volume+/Volume– can remove Mute
2. Off screen , but the power light is also illuminated
3. DISPLAY, Disc display time,and left time
4. Angle, Watch DVD through Multi-angle
( Must Disc Support)
5. Subtitle . press this button can transfer Disc subtitle  ( Must Disc Support )
6. Cursor up arrow key
7. GOTO; For has chapter DVD disc,,can choose chapter
8. OK. Under DVD Mode, Press this button means OK.
9. Cursor Shift left
10. Display at random.Under DVD mode,This button is play at Random.
11. Cursor Move Down
12. Title, Press this button is return to Disc Title Menu
13. PREV. During played, press this button is select playing Pre-Chapter /Programe .
14. Backward . Under DVD Mode,press this button means backward,each time pressing, multiple increase,According to disc

format, multiple is difference.
15. Pause/Play.
16. Stop.Press this button is stopping playing during played .
17. Next , During playing, press this button is playing Next chapter or programe .
18. Setup. Press this button enter to system setup.
19. Open.Control The Disk In/out.
20. Number Button.Under DVD mode press number is correspond to chapter.
21. Cursor Right shift.
22. ZOOM. When playing movie , press this button is zoon in/out image
23. Repeat;Press this button can select disc content(single 、all) repeat play or play in sequence
24. Press this button transfer SD card and USB function
25. Menu:Accoring to disc style is different,Press this button is return to disc catalogue menu and can setting up PBC on/off .
26. Mode transfer,press this button can transfer DVD-Radio-TV-SD-USB function
27. Volume+.
28. Forward. Under DVD Mode, press this button means forward, each time pressing, multiple increase,According to disc format,

multiple is difference.
29. Volume —
30. Language: Press this button is transfer language under DVD mode ,audio track transferred under VCD mode .

The Remote controller operation under TV function:
7. Auto Search Channel  13. Previously Channel  17. Next Channel
20. Number Key

The remote controller operation under Radio function:
7. Auto Search Channel  13. Previously Channel  17. Next Channel

Menu Function Operate:
At any interface press left up corner button   will return to main menu:

(Main Menu 1)
In Sequence: Navigation、Radio、Bluetooth、DTV、AUX-R、function。
Desktop music player can control the music being played , Press screen blank area from right to left can enter to second menu.

(Main Menu 2)
In Sequence: DVD、SD、USB、Set Navi、IPOD、 Calendar、calculator、Time Setting、Video、Wheel Conttrol。(Menu Icon can transfer )

Radio Function Operate:

Press this button transfer stereo and single track
Transfer remote/short range
Transfer frequency modulation/amplitude modulation (including scan stored station)
Automatic scan sation
Automatic search station,repress will be stop When open the RDS,press this button can search traffic announcement information, when have traffic announcement currently ,will transfer to this station automatically .
Under RDS function, press this button can on/off transferring frequency .If currently station have frequency table ,when lower signal ,will jump to higher signal frequency
Press this button,can receive the liking station programme kind,,after option,it will search channel automatically

Frequency forward adjust little. Long press forward semiautomatic search.
Frequency backward adjust little. Long press back semi-automatic search.
Special Operate Prompt:
1. Long press last/next button can upward and downward can semi-auto search station
2. If saved station no you need,hands adjust to you need frequency rate then long press a station at saved to save you need station save in here

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This manual is suitable for our toyota corolla dvd player, toyota hilux dvd player, honda crv dvd player, ford focus dvd player, etc