BMW X5 E70 Radio Screen Removal | Install BMW X5 E70 Android Navigation Head Unit

The factory screen display from BMW X5 E70 and X6 E71 can be replaced with a new aftermarket Android navigation head unit now. If you are thinking about replacing the factory unit with a new one, this post is helpful for you to choose a right model and tell you how to install such a head unit easily.

Which replacement unit is the best for my BMW X5 E70?

Firstly, the best replacement should be easy to use, and it should fit your car perfectly and looks like factory unit, so it looks nice after installed in the car. Secondly, it should displays factory menus including car information and radio, CD interface, and supports steering wheel controls and rear view camera video displaying. Thirdly, the new head unit should add more features like GPS navigation system, USB connection, Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth streaming music, WiFi connection, and even more.

This Android BMW X5 E70 X6 E71 navigation multimedia head unit meet all the above advantages, just click it to visit our site to learn more features and specifications.

bmw x5 e70 navigation multimedia

Can this Android head unit fit my car?

Well, this unit was developed special for BMW X5 E70 and BMW X6 E71, with factory 6.5 inch small screen or 8.8 inch large screen, for different factory screens the software is a little different, so you should tell us your factory screen size or send a dashboard photo for us to check for you. Besides, for a new model BMW X5 E70 or X6 E71, the original LVDS plug is round, while the old model is with square LVDS plug, so you’d better send us another picture from your LVDS plug for us to check further, the main unit is different for different LVDS plugs.

So, if you need us to confirm if this navigation unit fits and works with your car, you should send us your car information including:

1. car model, manufacture year
2. a dashboard photo from your to show us your factory screen
3. a photo from your LVDS plug behind the factory screen(Don’t worry, it’s easy to remove factory screen)

You can send your car information to us by sending an email to

The first part of installation instructions will show you how to take out the factory screen.

How to install this BMW X5 E70 navigation head unit?

  1. Firstly you will need to remove the factory screen. Use a pry tool(if you don’t have it, you can also use a straight screwdriver) to pry the bottom of air vents.
    pry tool
    pry bottom
  2. When it’s loose, then you can pull out the air vent panel, unplug cables behind, leave it aside, then you will see 2 screws at top which fixed the factory screen.
    screws for screen
    Use a cross screwdriver to remove 2 screws at top, so that you are able to take out the factory screen.
    take out screen
  3. In this step you will need to take out the climate control panel and radio/CD, see the 2 screws at the top? Just remove them to take out the climate control panel and CD unit.
    climate control
  4. Unplug cables behind, there are 2 new adapter power cables to connect the plugs behind, see below picture:
    power cables
    You can click the above picture to for larger view.
    Plug 1: connect it with your factory wiring harness which was connected to the back of CD before.
    Plug 2: connect it with the back plug behind the factory CD.
    Important Note: If there are fiber optic cables from your factory wiring harness, you will need to move them to our new plug at the same location!
    fiber optic cables
    If not, the factory function will not work properly. Please pay attention to this.
  5. There are other plugs with different colors, red, green, blue, grey, white, and black, here’s a picture showing you how to connect all of them, please check carefully and don’t connect wrong!
    all plugs
  6. If you want to connect an aftermarket reversing camera, there’s a green cable with yellow end to connect the video input from the camera, and there’s a loose REVERSE wire which should connect the trigger line from the camera.
    reversing camera video input
    Power for the camera: You should get the power for the reversing camera from your car’s 12V reverse light, NOT from the 12V red and black wire from our unit.
  7. As for the other separate cable with a blue plug, only if your aux wires don’t go through factory CD, then you can use this cable:
    Plug 1 and 2: connect your aux plugs in the armrest, firstly you will need to unplug the aux plugs in the armrest, then connect 1 and 2 with them.
    aux plug in the armrest
    Plug 3: connect the back of the new main unit where the blue plug should be.
    Plug 4: connect 2 female aux plugs from the power cables, red to red, white to white.
    aux wiring diagram
    Note: the above red and white aux plugs were connected wrong! The red plug should connect the other red plug, so does the white plug.

If you follow these steps carefully, you should be able to install this unit easily without a problem, installation is not difficult for a professional car stereo shop, if your installer has not installed such a unit before, we highly suggest you sending this installation instruction to him before installation. If you still have any questions, just feel free to contact us, you can take some pictures for us to check, we will do our best to help you.