BMW E84 X1 Android Screen Upgrade Navigation Installation Instructions

A new pure Android screen navigation head unit for BMW X1 e84 is available now. Compared to the old Wince version of BMW X1 navigation system, the new Android screen comes with modern Android display, 1024*600 HD resolution capacitive screen, Wi-Fi and Mirror-Link function.


BMW X1 Android navigation


Android 10 OS
8 inch 1024*600 HD resolution capacitive screen, touch screen
Quad-Cores 1.6GHz CPU processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB Flash(8-Cores 32GB+4GB optional)
GPS navigation, Bluetooth, USB, SD, WiFi, Mirror-Link, Apple Carplay/Android auto optional, etc

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It supports Apple Carplay as well.

How to install this BMW X1 Android Screen Navigation?

Installation is very easy if you have experience before for a similar head unit. You can download the installation manual directly to check the detailed step by step instructions. No matter your BMW X1 navigation unit is with Wince system or Android system, BMW X1 android screen install is more or less the same.

  1. Use pry tool to disassemble the trim strip at right, then pull out the air vents, disconnect cables behind.
    pry trim
    air vents taken out
  2. Remove 2 screws, then take out the storage compartment, disconnect the cable behind.
    2 screws
    storage box
  3. Then pry the plastic strips from right to left, take it out, put it aside.
    plastic strip
    take strip out
  4. Now you can pry out the climate control panel, unplug cables behind.
    climate control panel
    climate control cable
  5. Next step is to detach the factory radio/cd. Pay attention to 2 screws, remove these screws, so that you can take out the radio and cd.
    detach cd and radio
  6. Disassemble the decorative bar below the shift gear, use a pry knife to pry it out from right to left, then pull it out, so that you can easily install the new control box, please mind the cable for the control box.
    control box
  7. Disconnect your factory wiring harness from the back of radio/cd, then connect your female plug with our new male plug, connect your male plug at the back of radio/cd with our new female plug, there’s a 2 pins small plug which should connect our small speaker.
    power cable
    power adapter
    If there are fiber optic cables from your original plug which connects to the back of your factory CD, you need to move the fiber optic cables to our new plug and connect them to the same position on the new plug, see below picture:
    move fiber optic cablesI
    If you did not move the green and black fiber optic cables to our new plug, you will hear heartbeat sound coming out from car speakers after installation.
  8. Connect all cables, including power adapter cables, red/green/blue/grey plugs, USB cable, control knob cable, GPS antenna, WiFi antenna, RCA cables.
    wiring diagram
    P.S: Just click the above picture for larger view. 

    Blow photo showing you how to connect red/green/blue/grey plugs, and usb cable, control box cable.
    control box and usb
    You can run the USB cable into the glove box from the inside of dashboard.Pay attention to left side of the unit, so you can see the connectors for GPS and WiFi antenna, pull out the red cover so that you can connect the antenna:
    gps and wifi antenna

  9. If you need to connect a back up camera, there’s a green cable for rear view video input:
    rear view video input
    If you connect a back up camera, you also need to connect this BACK wire:
    back up control wire
    Note: If you don’t connect a back up camera, you don’t need to connect the BACK wire.
    For some BMW models, it can not get stable 12V voltage from the reverse light to the camera, it may be flicker screen or no signal while reversing, the solution is by connecting a relay, this has been proved by many of our customers.

Operation Instructions for this Android BMW X1 E84 Android Screen Upgrade:

  1. If you want to listen to the radio sound and gps sound at the same time, you can let the gps sound comes out from the small speaker, and radio sound comes from car speakers, how to do that?When the unit plays radio, firstly press this CAR button, then press NAVI button, so the gps sound will come out from our small speaker, and the radio sound comes out from car speakers, see below pic:
    x1 idrive controller
  2. Please note the music sound from the new Android BMW X1 navigation unit should be transferred to your car speakers through your car’s aux mode, if you don’t turn to aux mode and turn up the aux volume, there will be no sound for USB playing. If you don’t know how to activate the original aux mode and how to turn up the aux volume, just follow these steps:Firstly press the AUDIO button from your original CD, then you can turn to AUX function via the right knob, and change the aux volume, make sure it’s not mute.knobknob2activate aux mode
    Note: The aux volume may be lower compared to the radio or CD volume, so you’d better turn up the aux volume to highest level.
  3. If there’s still no sound from our music playing after you turn up the aux volume, your aux wires may not go through factory cd, then you can contact us to get a aux adapter cable to connect your aux directly to get sound.
    Below is that cable with a blue plug, only if your aux wires don’t go through factory CD, then you can use this cable:
    Plug 1 and 2: connect your aux plugs behind your aux port, firstly you will need to detach your aux module, then you can see aux plugs behind, then connect 1 and 2 with them.Plug 3: connect the back of the new main unit where the blue plug should be.
    Plug 4: connect 2 female aux plugs from the aux cables(behind our android screen), red to red, white to white.
    Note: there’s also a small black 2 pins plug from the blue plug(this picture does not show), you should connect it with our small speaker.

The BMW E84 X1 Android GPS Navigation can also support an aftermarket reversing camera, which can automatically work after you put in reverse gear. If you are interested in a rear view camera as well, you can measure the dimensions from your trunk handle to check if this BMW trunk handle back up camera fits your car.

Still have a question? Dvdgpsnav is your best partner to help you install any aftermarket navigation head units.