Best Aftermarket Car Android Head Unit Replacement

Are you craving the newest technology in your car? Do you think you can’t have it because your car is too old, or doesn’t have the right technology? Well, you’re in luck, because the world of car Android head unit is moving fast. You can get your car set up with some great new technology to revolutionize your driving experience. Getting you a car radio replacement is simple and easy. But which car head unit should you get?

Let’s walk through what makes the best car head unit for you.

Size and Dimensions

There are two different sizes of car head units on offer. You will either need a single DIN, or a double DIN. Single DIN is for older cars that currently have older radios fitted in them. These will be the slightly smaller radios with a CD player and a small screen. If you’re looking to replace the radio in a newer car, you will probably be looking at a double DIN. These are for replacing newer radios, which have larger screens. Besides that, customized special car head units are more popular nowadays which keep the car original OEM looking.

Android Auto and Apple Carplay

These two systems are must haves for anyone looking at buying a new car Android head unit. They make your driving experience far safer, and allow you to run your car through your phone. Nearly all Android car head unit supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto function.

Apple carplay android head unit

Touch Screen

The best car head units come with touch screen. Not only are these extremely cool, they are actually really important for your safety. Whilst you shouldn’t really be looking at a screen while driving at all, most of us do. Replacing your car radio with a head unit that has touch screen capabilities can really help to keep you safe. They are much easier to use, and stop you from having to fiddle around. When you can easily see and hit the button that you are looking for you are much less likely to crash.


Another great feature that comes with the best car head unit technology is Bluetooth capabilities. This means that you don’t even need to connect your phone to the head unit with a cable, because they can connect wireless. You can play music and make phone calls without even needing to use a wire.

Front View And Rear View Camera

A great feature of the best car head units is having camera. Dash cams are an incredibly useful feature to have. They mean that if anything happens whilst driving, you have it all caught on camera. If someone slams on the breaks in front of you and you hit them, you can prove that it was their fault. This could solve a lot of problems out on the road.
Reversing cameras are also a great idea. Many of use have trouble reversing and parking, so having a camera in the back of the car is extremely helpful.

head unit with back up camera

GPS Navigation

We all get lost sometimes, and occasionally we don’t have enough data to find a map on our phones. That’s where having a GPS system built into your car head unit is extremely useful. You will never get lost or be late again with a GPS navigation system built into your car. This is a definite must for anyone looking to buy a new car head unit.

android head unit navigation

Steering Wheel Control Support

Steering wheel support is a definite must have. This helps you to maintain control of the steering wheel at all times. It is a great safety feature and is definitely worth having. Thanks to the modern car head units, most of them support steering wheel controls.

There are many different types of car head units on the market. Whatever features you require, you can always find them, something will exist to meet your requirements.

DVDGPSNav is a professional aftermarket car head units supplier since 2008, we understand your requirements and we have the exact head unit for your car, no matter which car model you have. Our models cover nearly all car brands on the market.

Talk to us today about how we can help you set up with the best car radio replacement possible.


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