Benefits of Aftermarket BMW Navigation DVD Head Units

BMW are widely known to be one of the best cars in the world. For many BMW owners, their cars come with built in DVD head units. However, many people prefer to get hold of the aftermarket DVD navigation head units which are customizable and offer a deluge of optional extra features.

The aftermarket DVD head units with built in GPS navigation systems can be purchased according to the BMW model. However, most of these units are compatible with multiple models. Herein are several features that BMW DVD players with navigation systems have to offer for consumers.

bmw navigation dvd head unit

1. Sizable Display.

After market BMW Navigation DVD players come with a 7 or 8 inch TFT LCD panel display. This means they are not too large to be a distraction and not too small to cause straining. The adjustable brightness features allow for easy readability during the day or at night.

The display is a 16:9 aspect ratio High Definition screen that allows touch screen operations via a stylus or the fingers. Clocking resolutions of 800 by 480 or more, the unit can support 1080P videos and has preset wallpapers to theme up the dashboard.

2. GPS Navigation.

They have an in-built GPS antenna to help solve directional problems for drivers. Most aftermarket DVD navigation head units come with a SD card or flash disk with programmed IGO or Sygic GPS maps which are totally free.

These maps are available almost everywhere in the world and can be regularly updated to keep up with the ever changing map systems. This is done through complementary organizations or secondary parties with large up to date map databases.

3. Bluetooth Connectivity.

This feature should ideally be standard in nearly all electronic devices nowadays. With the BMW aftermarket Navigation DVD player, users can easily connect to other complementary devices via Bluetooth.

It enables the driver to make hands-free phone calls in addition to the Bluetooth call log and Bluetooth Volume features. Moreover, drivers can listen to music from their phones and other devices.

4. Simplified Controls.

A very practical feature of aftermarket DVD players with inbuilt GPS navigation systems is that they can support factory steering wheel control. This is made possible by the CAN-BUS decoder included in the package that is connected through provided cables.

Additionally, the touch screen features and the included remote control device eliminate the traditional inconvenient button control systems. These head units are definitely user friendly further providing a user manual to enable drivers to get an easy grasp of its numerous features.

5. Auxiliary Video Device.

Aftermarket Navigation DVD head units offer drivers an optional rear back up camera with video input. It comes with the picture in picture (PIP) function which can be easily switched on or off.

6. USB and iPod Connectivity.

Drivers can connect to peripheral devices in their BMW via the standard USB port. This enables them to view movies or play music from external storage devices such as flash disks, hard disks and their mobile phones. The BMW DVD head unit also has the iPod function that supports iPod or iPhone.

The Aftermarket Navigation DVD head unit is an advisable choice for all BMW models. With its analog TV, FM/AM and video playback support, it provides wholesome entertainment to ensure a wonderful driving experience, you can find out the best BMW head units easily via the link.

Due to different BMW models and manufacture years, the new head unit may be different, so you can send your BMW model, manufacture year and a dashboard photo to us for further checking, so that we can recommend you the best model for your car. We can also help for installation, for any questions your installer may have, we are more than happy to assist you.