Android Head Units: Better Than Factory Car Stereo System

Driving a car with an outdated factory stereo system without modern multimedia navigation system can be quite annoying and boring. We live in a digital age where everything is connected. GPS navigation, music streaming, Bluetooth phone, consumer-friendly car diagnostic tools and many more mobile apps are incredibly useful. Even modern car stereo system that comes with Android Auto or Apple Carplay support has very limited functionality. It forces everyone to use a car smartphone mount on the dash or the air vents just to use a navigation system like Waze that is useful.

The only logical solution is to go for aftermarket Android head unit system. The Android head unit completely solves all the problems listed above and turns an old car into a modern vehicle that is much more convenient to use.

Aftermarket Android head unit

Why Android Head Units Are Better?

Factory car stereo system usually comes with limited functions and does not support modern extensions like DVD, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, Apple Carplay, Mirror-Link, DVR, digital TV, HD touch screen, and more. However, an Android head unit can do them all.

  1. Easy to installAndroid head units are made in various form factors and you can find models specific for each car maker and model. So installation is straightforward and plug and play. Android car stereos are also made to look exactly like the OEM version.
  2. Built-in GPS navigation systemGPS navigation function is not a big deal now, it’s just a basic function for all aftermarket Android head units. With Android navigation system, you can download and install Google maps, Waze, iGo or Sygic maps. It’s compatible with nearly all aftermarket maps apps.
  3. Nearly all popular Android apps are supported.Android head unit has a working Google Play Store and can have apps installed such as Youtube, Gmail, Waze, Spotify, Torque and many others.
  4. Have built-in Bluetooth and hands-free support.Older cars that do not have a hands-free system equipped will benefit the most from this feature. An Android car stereo with Bluetooth makes it much easier to take calls safely while driving.
  5. Run much smoother than modern infotainment systems.Even if modern infotainment systems have gotten better, even the cheapest Android head unit operates much smoother. Animations are smooth and crisp, apps are opened quite fast and they have instant input response. This is mostly due to the hardware used. Android head units have at least 2GB of RAM and a reasonably good CPU that will handle most common tasks except for gaming. Either way, mobile gaming is not something that most people do while driving.
  6. Adds many more features to the car.An Android head unit can add many features to the car. It can be used with aftermarket tire pressure monitors, aftermarket reverse cameras, can display exactly which door is opened, fluid levels, handbrake and can even be used as a diagnostics tool when paired with a Bluetooth OBD connector.

Android Head Unit Installation

Installation of such a device is very simple and straight forward. There are no modifications to be made if order the specific head unit for your car. If your car dashboard is old with single din or 2 din , it will fit an one din or double din Android car stereo.

The Aftermarket head unit comes with all the cables and connectors required to just plug it into the OEM connectors. Removing the factory radio unit might require a bit of research but there are plenty of video tutorials around to explain in detail how to do it on virtually any car model.

BMW Android head unit

Last but not least, Android head units have a low price tag. Android car stereo is quite affordable compared with original factory stereo. They are Android tablets with a radio receiver and a few extras to make them viable for use in the automotive industry. Their affordability makes them extremely popular especially since the other options for aftermarket head units from big brand names are unreasonably expensive.

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  1. Great insights on upgrading car audio! This article brilliantly emphasizes the superiority of Android Head Units over factory car stereo systems. The detailed comparison and benefits highlighted are a goldmine for car enthusiasts like myself. The transformative impact on audio quality, navigation, and overall user experience is truly commendable. Kudos to the author for shedding light on this game-changing technology, making it clear why Android Head Units are the ultimate choice for a superior in-car entertainment system. Much appreciated for keeping us informed and empowered in enhancing our driving experience!

  2. I knew that the process of the installation of an upgraded sound system unfortunately can be tricky, but I hoped it will be easier.

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