Lexus ES350 Stereo Upgrade Android Head Unit

Are you interested in upgrading the factory Lexus ES 350 stereo with a new big screen Android head unit? In this article, I will introduce you the aftermarket touch screen Android head unit for Lexus ES350 stereo upgrade including models of Lexus ES200, ES300h, ES250, ES350, ES240.

Lexus ES 350 Stereo Upgrade Models

In summary, there are 3 different head units for Lexus ES stereo upgrade. Need to know what’s the difference? Generally, they are for different dashboards of Lexus ES in different years.

2013-2017 year model

The new head unit with 10.25 inch HD screen is for 2013-2017 Lexus ES200, ES300h, ES250, ES350, ES240.

This picture shows you the 10.25″ touch screen stereo upgrade for 2013-2017 year Lexus ES.

Lexus ES350 stereo upgrade
Video Show

2018-2021 year model

the other Android head unit for Lexus ES is 2018 model, it’s with a bigger 12.3″ HD screen because the original dashboard was upgraded as well. So it needs to install a different screen unit.

Below picture shows you the 12.3″ Android head unit for 2018 Lexus ES and newer model.

2018-2021 Lexus ES stereo upgrade
2018-2021 Lexus ES stereo upgrade

2018 Lexus ES 350 head unit upgrade

2022 year model

For a 2022 year Lexus ES350 stereo upgrade, it needs to install another new head unit. This is the latest version.

Lexus ES upgraded the factory stereo in 2022, so here comes a new 12.3″ Lexus ES stereo upgrade android head unit:

2022 Lexus ES stereo upgrade head unit
Android stereo upgrade for Lexus ES 2022 model

Lexus ES350 Stereo Upgrade with Apple Carplay

Apple carplay is integrated into the head unit now. It supports wireless Apple carplay with iphone and Android auto with an android phone. You can pair with your phone via Bluetooth, then click zlink app to connect the carplay automatically.

If you want to connect Apple carplay via a USB cable, this USB carplay box is optional.

Features and Specifications

  • Fits perfectly for Lexus ES 350 and other ES models
  • You will not lose factory functions after installation
  • Screen size: 10.25 or 12.3 Inches
  • Screen Resolution: super HD 1920*720
  • Android screen: touch screen
  • CPU: 8-Core Cortex-A53 Frequency, 2.0 GHz
  • RAM Capacity: 8GB
  • ROM: 64GB storage, 128GB optional
  • Operating System: Latest Android 13 system now
  • Bluetooth: Support Bluetooth 4.0
  • Bluetooth hands free phone calling
  • Bluetooth stream music with your phone
  • Support 1080P and 4K HD Video playing
  • Support MP3, WMA, AMR, AAC, WAC, etc, APE, FLAC(Digital Audio Effect)
  • Support original car information display
  • Support steering wheel controls
  • Keep and use original buttons/ mouse controls
  • Keep and use original car radio system and CD player
  • Android GPS navigation system
  • Support iGO, Sygic, Waze, Google maps
  • USB connection for music and video playing
  • Support wireless Apple Carplay and Android auto
  • Support original backup camera and aftermarket backup camera display
  • You can download the user manual here.

All models replace the factory small screen with a large Android screen. In addition, they both keep original functions working, including car radio, CD player, mouse controls, steering wheel controls, air conditioning system, and other functions.

It’s very easy to install. You don’t need to modify the dashboard or any wires for installation, just plug and play. So if you are able to remove the Lexus ES factory screen, you should also be able to install this new Lexus ES Android screen as well. You can check 10.25″ Lexus ES Android Screen Installation Instructions here.

Thanks Wallace from USA who took this video as below after installed our 10.25″ Android screen in his 2013 Lexus es350:

Which Head Unit Upgrade Fits my Lexus ES?

As we already known, the two models are for different dashboards. So you can compare with your original dashboard, the difference is obvious. If you have any doubts, just feel free to contact us. You can send a dashboard photo from your Lexus ES for us to check for you. In the meantime, please also send us your car model and manufacture year.

So you can send us your car information including:

  1. Car model and manufacture year
  2. A clear dashboard photo from your car including your factory screen main menu and your mouse control.
  3. Our email is

Then we will check for you and send you the right model and send you a quote.

How to Buy Lexus ES Stereo Upgrade?

If you want to upgrade the original small screen with an aftermarket head unit navigation system and a larger HD screen, congratulations you have found the right place to go.

We are the manufacturer of this kind of screen upgrade for Lexus series including Lexus CT200h, Lexus ES, Lexus NX, Lexus RC, Lexus RX, Lexus UX, Lexus IS, Lexus GS. All are with top quality, 3 years warranty.

Firstly, you can send us your car information, then we can check and make sure which unit fits and works for your car.

After confirmation of the car information, you can send us the shipping address, and the payment method you use, we will offer you the price and the shipping cost for your country, and help to place an order for you.

Our email address is

By the way, you can also leave a comment below.

105 thoughts on “Lexus ES350 Stereo Upgrade Android Head Unit

  1. Hello I have a 2022 lexus es 350 with the smaller 8 inch screen. I want to upgrade to the bigger 12.3 inch screen with the wireless android auto and apple carplay. I want to still use it with the cable as well, just in case. And keep all standard settings. How much for this?

    1. For a 2022 year model Lexus es350, it may need to install our new model, can you please send a clear dashboard photo from your car for me to check further? Including the factory screen and mouse controller, then I can send you the correct model and the price.

  2. hi I’m looking for a head unit for my lexus ES300h Right hand drive uk model can you give me a price please
    kind regards

    1. We have different units for Lexus ES300H, in order to send you the correct unit, please also provide the year of your car and a dashboard picture (including factory screen and mouse control) for us to check further, so we can send you the correct unit with a price.

  3. I have a 2017 Lexus ES350 and the radio works perfect. I will add that the airbag switch will need to be removed from the old radio and added to the connector on wire harness. The airbag module is separate and easy to remove. Everything works great! Customer service was very responsive and helped me through the couple of issues I had.

  4. Hi! I have a lexus es350 2014 I was wondering if you could tell me the price? I’m looking to upgrade with Apple CarPlay etc.

    1. Hi, for a LHD 2014 Lexus es350, the unit price is US$660, free shipping by dhl/fedex/ups now. It supports apple carplay. For any other questions you may have, just feel free to contact us.

  5. Hello,

    Can you please give me a price quote on a new headunit that is apple carplay capable for a 2015 ES350? Much appreciated.

    – Mariah

  6. Good Day. I’d like to get a Lexus Apple plus for my Lexus ES 250. It’s a 2019 model. Can you also send me the price. I’m based in South Africa

  7. hi
    i would like to have a price for ES 350 2018 android screen with car play and supporting the oem revers camera

  8. I have a 2016 es350 and would like apple car play as well please…… is there a dvd play function as well?

    1. DVD player is not available, it just replaces your factory screen, and this unit supports your factory radio/cd system working.

    1. Can you please send a dashboard picture from your 2017 Lexus ES 350 for us to check? including the factory screen and your mouse controller, so we can send you the right model for your car.

  9. my car is lexus 2013 es 300 h . it has a factory navigation system with a mouse controller near the gear box,
    the navigation system is not functional in jordan.
    Wud like to buy a replacement screen10.25 inch with apple carplay and auto android.
    please send me a price for shipment to jordan.

    1. Please send a dashboard photo to show your factory screen and mouse controller, so we can send you the right model for your car and the price.

  10. Need also a price for a screen for lexus 2018 nx 300 h both auto android and apple carplay plus the original built in features

  11. My car is a lexus 2013 es 300h.It has a factory a usa navigation system that does not work in my country Jordan. It has also a mouse controler near the gear box.
    I need a price for a 10.25 screen that plays both Android Auto and Apple Car Plar while keeping all other original built lexus functions.

  12. Can i order 10.25 Lexus es350 head unit upgrade android navigation screen to united Arab emirates notice that my car doesn’t install with screen and mouse controller , if can I want to know the price of shipping to United Arab Emirates

    1. Your Lexus es350 does not have a factory screen or mouse control? Can you please send a dashboard picture for us to check further? Then we can send you the right model for your car.

  13. How much is the price for 2017 ES 350 screen with Android and Apple carplay ? And how much is the shipping cost world wide? Do you help and support for the installation of the screen?

    1. Hi, the price is different for different dashboards, please take a photo for us to check your dashboard including the factory screen and your mouse or knob control. Shipping cost is different for different countries. Installation is easy for a mechanic as it’s plug and play, we can also provide online support for installation.

    1. You can send us your car model, year and a dash photo including the factory screen and your mouse control for us to check, so we can send you the right model and the price.

    1. Yes, you can replace the factory screen with our aftermarket android head unit, so it supports android auto.

  14. Hi
    Could you please send me a price list for the models
    ES 350 2015
    And do you ship to Saudi Arabia?

  15. Hi
    Could you please send me a price list for the models
    I want to order 5 pieces
    And do you ship to ksa

  16. Hi
    I have 2019 es with 8 inch screen, with factory nav, with mark levinson and 360 cameraa.
    If I install your screen, will 360 cameras work?

    1. Yes, our Lexus es Android screen supports your factory 360 camera system working as well, there’s a 360 control box to support it.

  17. Hi, I would like to know how much it would cost for a replaced screen for a 2020 es350 that supports Apple carplay and Android Auto? Can this be easily installed by oneself? Does this affect the function or change the computer programming at all? Is it also a touch screen? Thank you for your time

    1. This Lexus ES android head unit does not affect or change any factory functions including computer programming. It’s touch screen. As for the price, please send a dash photo for us to check your factory screen and mouse or knob control if your car has it, then we can send you the right price.

    1. You can send a dashboard picture from your ES350 for us to check, including the factory screen and your mouse control, then we can send you the right price.

  18. My car is 2014 Lexus ES300h without Navigation System

    how much a replacement to the 12.3 head unit with Apple CarPlay and android auto would cost.

    1. For 2014 year Lexus ES 300h, your car should install our 10.25″ head unit not the 12.3″ one. As your dashboard should be different. You can send a dash photo for us to check further.

  19. I want for lexus es350 2016
    can you send the features to me , and how much does it cost if i want ship it to Saudi Arabia

    1. We have different models for Lexus ES350 with different dashboards, can you take a photo to show your factory screen and the position near the mouse control? We can ship to Saudi Arabia, you can send us an email to get a quote.

  20. I’m interested in the es350 2013 upgrade screen. My 2013 is equip with basic navigation what is your price for the 10.25 upgrade screen.

    1. My car is a Lexus 2013 es 350 without a navigation and it has knob control in the center. I’m considering to buy one but don’t see any link for price and order.

  21. Looking for a price quote on a 2017 ES 300h screen replacement you offer. This would be the 10.25 display with both android auto and apple car play functionality.

  22. Do you offer a solution for the Lexus ES350 2020 model? Also do you have installation in New York Area?

    1. Yes, we also have android head unit for Lexus ES350 2020 model. Sorry we don’t have installation service in your area, but it’s easy for installation, all mechanics should be able to install it as it’s plug and play, besides, if your installer has any questions while installing, you can also contact us, we can provide online help.

  23. I would like to buy the 10.25″ Android head unit for my 2013 Lexus ES 350. My dashboard is exactly the same as in the video posted up above. When looking through your website I did not see anything for Lexus or a price for the unit. Please email me with info on how to order.

    1. If you need this 10.25″ Android head unit for 2013 Lexus ES 350, you can send us your shipping address and the payment method, so we can send you an invoice and place an order for you.

    1. Hi, this 10.25″ android head unit fits your Lexus ES300h, 2015 year model. Android Auto is optional. For more information about this product, you can contact us via email or facebook.

  24. I was wondering how much a replacement to the 12.3 head unit with Apple CarPlay and android auto would cost. I currently have the 8 inch unit. The car has a touch pad to interact with the unit.
    2020 Lexus es350.

  25. Hello, I am considering purchasing this unit for my 2013 ES350 without navigation. I have a couple of questions. My vehicle has the scroll wheel control in the center console. Does this unit allow you to use the scroll wheel to navigate the interface, or does the scroll wheel only continue to work with the original interface? Am I able to answer incoming bluetooth calls using the steering wheel controls/original bluetooth function or do those buttons not work when using this device? Is there any delay switching to the backup camera when starting up? It seems like the unit takes 45 seconds or so to power on from the video.


    1. Hello, your scroll wheel button can work with both android menus and old Lexus original screen menus.
      Yes, you can still answer a phone call using the steering wheel control the same as before. Our unit is compatible with all original functions.
      It does not need to get backup camera display working after the unit is fully turned on. When you turn on the car, the unit will automatically turn on, at the same time, if you put in reverse gear, the screen will automatically display backup image without delay.

  26. I own Lexus 2013 ES300h and recently the radio and the navigation went totally black and the dealer said you need to replace both.

    Does your system replace both?

    1. We have different Andorid head units for Lexus ES, please send a dashboard picture from your 2013 Lexus 300h for us to check, including the factory screen menu and your mouse control, so we can send you the right price.

    1. This 10.25″ Android screen head unit fits and works for your 2016 Lexus ES 350. Apple Carplay is optional.

      1. Hello , I’d like to purchase a head unit for a 2013 es350 . I was curious if this works off of 3g or 4g because after November of 2022 there will be no support for lexus or toyotas.

    1. Hello, this 10.25″ Android screen fits your 2016 Lexus ES350, Apple carplay is optional. By the way, I just sent you an email, please check.

  27. I have acquired a 2013 Lexus ES 300H with low miles and want to upgrade. The car is in Utah. Are there certain installers I would need to put it in? I called a local stereo place here and they said there wasn’t anything.

    1. Our 10.25″ Lexus ES Android head unit is plug and play for installation, as long as you or your installer are able to take out the factory screen, you should be able to install our new Android screen unit easily.

  28. Hello there,
    I am looking for factory oem infotainment system replacement for my 2014 lexus IS350. I found about this android head unit but the demonstration video you have has a different type of mouse control. I have uploaded a photo of the mouse control i have to see if it work. I also want to know if it has apple car play interface. Thank you.

  29. Will the Lexus ES Android screen work on a model that already has a factory Navigation with remote-touch controller? Or does it require that you don’t have a factory navigation?

    1. Our 10.25″ Android screen unit fits and works for your Lexus ES with factory navigation and remote touch controller, no matter if your Lexus ES has factory navigation or not, it keeps all factory functions and controls working. Our unit also has navigation function built-in.

  30. Hi, good day to you..

    I am thinking about buying a Lexus ES 350 2016-2018. I didn’t like the size of the screen, and while searching i stumbled upon your Android head unit touch screen.

    I would like to know which model gets the 12”8 screen, and how much heat it can sustain, as our weather is hot and sunny.


    1. For some 2018 model Lexus ES, it may need to install the 12.3″ screen unit. You can send a dashboard photo for us to check for you. Our unit has been well tested under very high and low temperature.

  31. Hi,
    I have a ES 300H, 2016. Do you have a model that will work. Also, does it have apple carplay? Do you have a video showing carplay? Also, will the steering wheel and the console toggle work?

    1. Hi, different models for Lexus ES300h available, please send a dashboard picture showing the factory screen and mouse control for us to check, so that we can send you the correct model.

      1. Hi! I’m interested in an upgraded display with Apple carplay for an 2015 ES 350. Where do I find the product and the installation information?

        1. Hi, it seems that we have already replied to your email and you have already placed the order, right?

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