Android BMW X5 E53 Radio Replacement – Navigation Upgrade To Make Your Experience Worthwhile

BMW X5 Stereo systems can make a huge difference on how you drive and derive comfort out of your car. Not just for music, but for GPS navigation as well as for news and radio, for alerts and for talking on the phone, a handy stereo system is all that you should be looking for.

There are a few disadvantages of using the current BMW X5 E53, the SUV which is classified as a midsize luxury vehicle and is part of the BMW X5’s first generation models. One being you cannot customize it according to your own free will. It doesn’t support any upgrades that come up in the market etc. Its navigation system has many other alternatives in the market which is far better and much cheaper, especially an android navigation which can work more efficiently, so a BMW X5 e53 navigation upgrade is necessary if you have a BMW X5 e53.

BMW X5 e53 navigation upgrade

The best idea is to upgrade the stereo of this model with the new aftermarket BMW X5 Android Navigation replacement.

This Android head unit can fit BMW X5 E53 including year 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Aftermarket navigation system for BMW X5 E53 suddenly is seen to have become exceedingly popular, as not only do you have an up to date, fast GPS system but also a variety of music and video options along with stunning stereo wheels control systems as well as the display of the rear view camera. All of these are extremely useful especially when you’re driving a BMW. They are controls and shortcuts that come in very handy. This upgrade is Android OS based and can be installed easily with many applications and system upgrades. There are many stores supporting in the upgrade of the Aftermarket Navigation System for BMW, but you should be careful and only choose the top quality units. There are neat steps which are outlined perfectly well for you to be able to purchase and install it by yourself without any kind of trouble, you can check BMW X5 aftermarket radio installation with our other post.

The CPU Frequency is very high in performance, at 1.6GHz quad-cores. The main functions for this BMW X5 android navigation include DVD player, GPS navigation, USB, SD, FM/AM radio, WiFi, Mirror-Link, Bluetooth, etc. It also supports the use of iPhone for hands free phone calling and Bluetooth streaming music, which makes it very versatile even though it is based on Android. It also supports the use of 3G and WiFi, which makes audio connectivity very easy. It has a fantastic video output, with 1080p video quality which is pure HD. Its services for audio and video is something that makes all your gadgets compatible with it to produce a highly enhanced experience.

However, this is not all. It also supports DVR and has a 7 inch High Definition Touch screen, making it easy to navigate and use this stereo set. It also does the basic necessities like Bluetooth for hands-free talking and speaking and attending phone calls. It also comes with a built in the memory card for your music and videos etc. It supports USB as well as Micro SD, so you’re never out of excuses to use this head unit.

BMW X5 e53 has steering wheel controls. One of its really enhanced functions is the fact that it has a control option of managing the steering wheel, and is very accurate and reliable. After replaced the factory BMW X5 radio, the new BMW X5 radio replacement can still support steering wheel control. This not only adds to your comfort but also safety, in a way. It also supports the traditional FM and AM Radio system for your radio preferences and can save all your channels in its system.

All in all, this is a fantastic upgrade and serves a way to enjoy the newer forms of controls and facilities that are available in the market without using obsolete technology. This upgrade is a smart decision which you will make for your BMW x5 head unit as its better than universal double din alternatives out there, if you are not fond of Android OS and like the UI Interface which is similar to original BMW navigation system, this Wince model of BMW X5 navigation is your best choice. Remember, you will always make smart decisions with Aftermarket Head Unit Upgrade.