Aftermarket Honda CRV Radio Cable Support Original Back Up Camera and USB

DVDGPSNAV launched a new car DVD player GPS navigation head unit for Honda CRV 2012-2015 year model several months ago. This new Honda CRV radio head unit can support original back up camera and USB, there are some plugs which you should pay attention to, we write this post to show you the guide with detailed instructions.

The first question is, how can the aftermarket Honda CRV DVD player support my original back up camera?

The answer is easy. If you look at all accessories included in the package, you will find a cable with both ends which is used to connect the original rear view camera, see pic below:

Note: This cable is special for our CRV navigation unit, if you want to buy this cable we can sell to you but we can not guarantee if it works with your unit.

The plugs from this cable looks like the plugs from the back of the original screen? Yes, and you need to unplug the plug from the back of the original screen, then connect this cable with both ends to the back plugs. And the yellow cable with label “VIDEO-OUT” should connect the yellow cable with label “CAMERA IN” from the back RCA cable of our new Honda CRV GPS unit, see pic below:



If you connected this rear camera cable adapter correctly, then you are able to use your original Honda CRV back up camera, by the way, if you need, you can also buy a rear view camera from us.

Question 2: How can I still use original car USB?

Check the power cable, then you will find a small white plug which should connect the back USB plug at the back of the Honda CRV DVD Radio unit. See pic below:


Then you are able to use the original car USB. In order to access the original USB in our menu, you can click the top middle “i” icon, then click “car USB”.

If you need to buy a new aftermarket Honda CRV stereo upgrade, you can check it here:

If you still have a question, welcome to contact us, we will reply you soon.