Aftermarket BMW X5 E53 DVD GPS Navigation Head unit – Android Version

The first generation of BMW X5 is BMW E53, a luxury mid-size SUV introduced in 1999 and was replaced by BMW E70 in 2006, yes, it’s a old vehicle, are you boring with the original old car stereo system in the dash? If your answer is yes, you can upgrade it with an aftermarket head unit with Wince 6.0 operation system or the latest Android OS. Aftermarket car DVD player with GPS navigation system for BMW X5 E53 has become increasingly popular for the past several years, because it not only offer you many different types of music and video options, but also support steering wheel controls and rear view camera displaying.

We produced the first model of BMW X5 E53 navigation head unit in 2009, and it has been upgraded many times for software, firmware and hardware during the past years, the latest update is a new pure Android based BMW X5 E53 DVD GPS head unit.

bmw x5 e53 android navigation

bmw x5 e53 android head unit

The Same Features from Two Models:

They are designed for the same car model of BMW X5 E53 from 1999 to 2006, fits BMW E53 with business CD and radio, or with a wide 7 inch or 4.3 inch small screen together with factory navigation system, installation are the same for both models.

Both of them come with car DVD player, Bluetooth hands free phone calling, Bluetooth streaming music, GPS navigation system, SD card slot, USB port, support steering wheel controls, support rear camera video input, 7 inch HD screen, support touch screen.

What’s the difference?

The main difference is the system used. The new BMW E53 DVD GPS head unit is based on pure Android 7.1 operation system, while the other model is with WinCE 6.0 system. The Android unit comes with modern Android interface, and the other WinCE unit comes with UI which is similar to original BMW navigation system.

Secondly, the Android BMW X5 E53 GPS head unit has more features such as WiFi, Mirror-Link, supporting Android Apps downloading and installing. And they are with higher configuration for hardware: 1.6GHz Octa-Cores high speed CPU, 1024×600 high definition capacitive screen, 32GB Flash, 4GB DDR3 RAM.

In general, i’d prefer a new modern looking BMW X5 E53 DVD navigation head unit with Android system.

How to Install Android BMW X5 navigation head unit?

Previously, we have already posted BMW X5 E53 Navigation System DVD Player Installation Tips, which tells you how to install the aftermarket navigation unit in a BMW E53 with business CD and radio in the dash, and if your car has a 7 inch wide  or 4.3 inch small screen, you need to run a 6m long cable with both 17 pins and 40 pins plugs to connect your E53’s 17 pins or 40 pins plug under the trunk. As for wires connections, you will not need to modify wires for installation if your car does not have DSP amplifier. A wiring diagram can be found at the bottom of the Android BMW X5 head unit:

wiring diagramClick the image for larger view

back connectors of android x5 gps

How to connect all cables and plugs?

1: connect to the plug from the power cable, get power to the unit
2: connect with RCA cables
3: TV antenna
4: USB cable
5: Back Video input cable, this is for backup camera video input
6: DVR cable connect a DVR(optional)
7: NC/ USB cable
8: GPS port to connect external GPS antenna
9: WiFi port to connect external WiFi antenna
10: Radio adapter cable

From the power cables, there’s also a small white plug which is used to connect a CAN-BUS decoder box, so that steering wheel control works after installation.

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