Solution for No Sound of BMW X1 GPS navigation unit – Installation Tips

If you are installing an aftermarket BMW X1 navigation head unit, and found there’s no sound after installation, there are some steps you can follow to get sound for your new unit. Firstly please understand that in order to transfer sound from the BMW X1 GPS unit to your car speakers, your car should be with AUX function and it has been activated and works well now, the sound is transferring from the unit to your car speakers through your car’s AUX function.

Question 1: There’s no sound for navigation function.

1. Firstly please check if you have connected a small speaker coming from the package, this small speaker is used to get sound for navigation if you are using the original car radio or CD player, see the below picture, you should connect this small speaker with a small plug.


2. If you have connected this speaker correctly but there’s still no sound for navigation function, you can check settings > navigation from main menu, you should tick this small speaker, if you did not tick this, there will be no sound from our small speaker, so you should tick and choose it.


When you listen to your car radio, then you can click “NAV” button from our controller to enter into navigation,  so that you can hear the navigation sound from our small speaker.

Question 2: There’s no sound for USB media playing.

1. Please check if your car’s AUX has been activated, firstly you can press the AUDIO button from your original CD, then you can turn to AUX function via the right knob, and change the aux volume, make sure it’s not mute.



activate aux mode
The above photo showing the factory aux has been activated and the aux volume has turned up.

3. After you have done the above steps,  if there’s still no sound from USB function, your aux cable should not be included in the plug from the back of your factory unit, so you should find your aux cables, and then connect them to our plug, so that your aux works and there’s sound. You can check our plug with aux cables as below:


The red cable from our aux cables is for Left audio,
The white cable from our aux cables is for Right audio
And the black cable from our aux cable is for GND.

You can check the factory plug with 3 aux cable as below:

While if your car’s plug from the factory unit is as below:


  • Then you need to find your aux cables(if your car has aux function) to connect with our plug’s aux cables to get sound. Do not buy aftermarket BMW X1 GPS unit if your BMW X1 does not have aux function or the aux function does not work.
  • Or you can use the other audio cable with aux adapter plugs(included in the package), see below photo:
    Check and download this document to learn how to use this audio cable.

By the way, if your car has 2 fiber optic cables from the factory plug, then you need to move them to our plug to get factory radio working, see below pic:

how to move fiber optic cables

Note: If you did not move the fiber optic cables from factory plug, there will be warning sound coming out.

Make sure you check the installation manual for this BMW X1 navigation gps unit before installing it, there are more tips from the manual.