5 Tips On Buying Honda Accord Aftermarket Radio Android Navigation

Most seventh generation Honda Accord 2002-2008 year does not come with a navigation screen from the factory radio. That’s why more and more Honda Accord car owners would like to replace the factory radio with an aftermarket radio which is inbuilt Android navigation system.

As we all know, the factory stereo system for Honda Accord just has car radio and CD player, that’s very limited feature nowadays. The Honda Accord aftermarket radio can do more for you. For example, the most welcome feature may be the GPS navigation system. With Android system, you can install iGo or Sygic maps which are free to use. It also supports Google maps. Except that, it’s also inbuilt HD touch screen, Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth music, USB, WIFI. And it supports steering wheel control, air conditioning system, Honda Accord reverse camera, Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

With so many modern features included all in one, will you consider replacing the factory radio and buying Honda Accord aftermarket radio?

If yes, you should pay attention to the following 5 important tips from DVDGPSNav before you buy.

  1. Does this aftermarket radio fit my Honda Accord?

    It depends on your exact car model and manufacture year. Therefor, you can send a dashboard picture and car model, manufacture year for us to check for you. Our email is sales@dvdgpsnav.com.


    honda accord aftermarket radio

    Learn more here: 2003-2007 Honda Accord Android Head Unit Aftermarket Radio Stereo Upgrade 10.1″ HD Touch Screen

    Click the above link, you can also see a video show of this Honda Accord Aftermarket Radio Android Navigation in the description.

    Regularly it fits 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 year Honda Accord. But you’d better send us your car information to make sure our unit fits your car before you buy it. We need to check your car model, manufacture year, and the dashboard photo.

  2.  It fits Honda Accord with Single-Zone And Dual-Zone Air Conditioning system Climate Control

    It fits Honda Accord with dual-zone and single zone climate control now. The A/C adapter cable for the air conditioning system is different for single zone and dual zone, so please tell us if your car has dual or single zone A/C after you placed the order.

  3. Why it fits Petrol model but does not fit Diesel model?

    Because the electrical wiring from the diesel model is different from the petrol model. You can check the feedback from one of our customers as below.

    ” Today they have proceeded to install it on my car, but it says on the official service Honda DVD / GPS is not compatible with my car.

    I say that the electrical wiring of the Honda Accord diesel version is not like the gasoline version.

    When installed in my car, everything but the air conditioning works because fans do not jump leading to a warming of the cooling system, blowing up the security system in this regard.

    We simplified the problem. The DVD / GPS not send electronic signal to the air conditioning system because the wires that leads are not compatible with the diesel version. But if it works on a Honda Accord petrol version, as I said the official service Honda. ”

    Here’s another feedback:

    “The problem is that the motherboard I received GPS radio is not compatible with dual air conditioning system of any Honda Accord Diesel. It’s only valid for Honda Accord gasoline.”

  4. Is it easy for installation?

    Yes, installation is plug and play. So it’s easy for a mechanic to install such an aftermarket radio on Honda Accord. You don’t need to modify wires. There’s a CAN-BUS decoder included to support steering wheel control and air conditioning system. You can check how does it look like after installation via below photo.

    Honda accord radio after installation

  5. How to order?

    Firstly we will check your car information to make sure this Honda Accord Android navigation fit your car. Then you can order it directly on our site via the link as above. If you need, we can also help to place an order for you. Just send an email to sales@dvdgpsnav.com.

After reading this article, you should know what you need to do before buying an aftermarket Android radio. By the way, we also have aftermarket radio for eighth generation and ninth generation of Honda Accord.

About DVDGPSNav: A professional and reliable aftermarket DVD GPS radio supplier since 2008.

Have got a question? You can leave a comment below, or contact us via email or Facebook. We will reply you very soon.

29 thoughts on “5 Tips On Buying Honda Accord Aftermarket Radio Android Navigation

  1. I did not buy my head unit from y’all first off. But my head unit will only blow a)c no heat functions?

  2. @VINNIE,
    have you resolved your car’s AC issue with the Android unit?
    My car is Honda Accord 2005 LX, I’ve installed Android entertainment unit, AC doesn’t work; air blower works.

    1. Your car should be with single zone air conditioning system, right? If yes, you need to add a special A/C adapter cable for the android head unit. If you buy the unit from us, we can send you this A/C adapter cable to support single zone air conditioning system.

    2. I’ve the cable.
      AC controls are working – but doesn’t get cold.
      Not sure if it a cable problem; I’m willing to buy the cable from with understanding that it may not work; can you send me product link page that I can buy from you?
      In the meanwhile, can you please tell me CAN bus protocol settings should be? I would like to check settings first then the cable

      1. That cable does not list on our site, if you really need it, we can help and sell it to you. CAN-BUS settings have nothing to do with your problem.


    1. I searched your email but did not find your order with us. Firstly, you need to confirm if your Honda accord has dual zone air conditioning system or single zone. For Honda Accord with single zone air conditioning system, we will provide a A/C adapter cable to make it compatible.

  4. Hi can you clarify if the heater function would still work in a Diesel Accord?
    I’m not bothered about AC or dual zone.


  5. Hello, are you able to advise if this device can be used with Australian RHD Honda? I have ordered a similar system, with no support for the dual zone controls to be be switched. The passenger side knob controls drivers side and vice versa. If your model supports RHD I would be very interested! Thanks, from Australia.

  6. Is it possible to identify the correct wiring for diesel version in order to correct the wiring between the unit and OEM A/C?

  7. We definitely should know what we need to do before buying an aftermarket Android radio. Thank you for revealing the hidden.

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