How to Check BMW E90 Fiber Optic Amplifier – E90 Radio Removal

If you are going to upgrade the factory BMW E90 radio with a replacement of aftermarket Android head unit, you will need to check out if your BMW E90 comes with fiber optic amplifier or not, because the aftermarket BMW E90 radio replacement can not support factory fiber optic amp. If your BMWE90 has fiber optic amp, there will be no sound after installation.
Though there’s very few BMW E90 comes with fiber optic amplifier, you’d better check it firstly before you buy the Android head unit to replace the factory radio unit.

How to check if my BMW E90 has fiber optic amplifier?

Well, it may be easy or difficult for some people. The best way to confirm is by asking a local BMW dealer, just tell them your BMW model and manufacture year, or even VIN of your BMW, they will check for you and tell you the result.
The second way is by checking the plug behind the factory E90 radio. If there are 8 speaker wires from that plug, that means your car does not have fiber optic amplifier, if it’s empty, that means your car has fiber optic amplifier.

Here are 2 pictures to show you.
BMW E90 without factory fiber optic amplifier:
bmw e90 without fiber optic amp

BMW E90 with factory fiber optic amplifier:
bmw e90 with fiber optic amp

BMW E90 Radio Removal

You can remove the factory BMW e90 radio and check the plug wires behind to confirm if the car has fiber optic amplifier or not. How to remove BMW e90 OEM radio?

It’s very easy if you follow these simple steps one by one.

  1. Firstly you need to use a plastic pry tool or a flat screwdriver to pry the climate control panel.
    climate control panel
  2. Then you can pull out the climate control panel. Disconnect the plugs behind.
    pull out a/c

    disconnect plugs of climate control

  3. Then you can see 2 screws on left and right side, below the CD unit. Use a screwdriver to remove 2 screws.2 screws
  4. Pull out the CD player, then you can see the CD’s plug behind.

    take out cd playercd plug

If you want to check the video on how to remove the BMW e90 OEM radio, you can click here.

After you taking out the OEM e90 CD/radio, you can take a picture to show the supplier of the aftermarket touch screen BMW e90 android head unit. Please make sure your picture can show clearly for all wires from your CD plug.

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