How to Install Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 Android Navigation GPS Head Unit?

If you have a Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 model, and want to upgrade the factory radio with after market GPS navigation head unit and more features like Bluetooth, USB, SD, WiFi, Mirror-Link, this unit meets your requirement.

w212 navigation

Just click the above image to learn more about this unit.

You can keep using the factory functions, because it just replaces the factory screen, and you are able to switch to old  menu on the new screen. This unit fits and works with W212 with factory dashboard the same as below:

Mercedes Benz W212, 2010 year

It only fits left-hand driving models, because the frame/bracket is only for Mercedes-Benz W212 left-hand driving models. If your dashboard is different, you can take a clear picture from your dashboard including the entire screen and factory frame for us to check for you.

2019 Update: A new 10.25″ Android screen unit is available for right hand drive W212 now, contact us for more information.

How to install this Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 Android navigation system?

  1. The first step is to remove the factory screen and the air vents above the radio, disconnect the cables behind.
    remove screendash inside
  2. Then remove the factory radio and CD unit, disconnect cables behind.
    remove radio
    remove cables
    take out cd
  3. Connect 2 cables with 4 white plugs with new Android screen and main unit, connect other plugs and cables with the main unit. The main unit can be put in the glove box or any other position where you can push into.
    wiring diagram
    Note: You also need to connect the wifi antenna, gps antenna, and microphone.
  4. Then you can connect original wiring harness with a new adapter plug, and connect the other end of the new cable with the back connector of the radio/CD unit.
    wiring harness
    plug behind cd
    Important Note:
    If there are fiber optic cables from the factory wiring harness, then you need to move them to our new adapter plug which connects to the back connector of your CD, below picture is just for your reference:
    fiber optic cables
  5. If you want to connect a rear view camera, the green cable with a yellow RCA connector should connect to the video cable of the camera, and there’s also a loose brown wire with a REVERSE label on it should connect 12V+ reverse light.

If you still have questions while installing, you can take some pictures for us to check, DVDGPSNAV will do the best to help you.

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