Installation Guide Toyota RAV4 Navigation System Touch Screen 2013 2014 2015 Year

Aftermarket in-dash touch screen Toyota RAV4 Navigation

For 4th Toyota RAV4 from year 2013, 2014 to 2015, if it does not come with factory navigation system, then you can consider to upgrade the Toyota RAV4 radio with an aftermarket in-dash Toyota RAV4 navigation system which supports touch screen, Bluetooth hands free phone calling, Bluetooth stereo music, USB, DVD Player, iPod, and the most important – GPS navigation system.

Normally the seller will provide free maps, you can also buy other maps like iGo, Route 66, Sygic, Tomtom, etc which support aftermarket touch screen GPS head unit. The GPS maps are copied into a SD card, you just need to insert the GPS card into the GPS card slot, which is usually at the front panel of the unit, set GPS path in settings, then you are able to use the GPS function for navigation.

Before you buy it, you’d better contacting the seller to send your car model, manufacture year and a dashboard photo to them for further checking, so that they can tell you which is the correct unit for your car.

How to install 2013 2014 2015 Toyota RAV4 navigation system?

For most aftermarket Toyota RAV4 navigation head units, installation is straight forward, plug and play. The installation tools are necessary if you are going to install it by yourself, especially for the installer who has never done this before. Continue Reading >