How To Install Hyundai Tucson IX35 Radio DVD GPS Navigation System?

For those who want to upgrade the factory car stereo for Hyundai Tucson or  IX35, in this post you can learn how to install car radio DVD GPS navigation system for Hyundai Tucson which is also called Hyundai IX35, just follow detailed and easy steps one by one, you can even install it by yourself if you have some installation tools, but be careful, or you may damage the front panel or the wiring harness.

With this Hyundai Tucson navigation system, you can get region-free car DVD player, radio, GPS navigation, Bluetooth hands free phone calling, Bluetooth stereo music, USB connection, iPod connection, back up camera video input, steering wheel controls, etc. It replaces the factory Hyundai Tucson radio and CD player, but you can get many more features instead.

So let’s getting started! One-by-One installation instructions as following:

  • Step 1: Firstly we need to take out the hazard warning light part below the factory radio, use special installation tools to pry the bottom edge, and left, right side, then you can easily pry out this part.
    step 1
  • Step 2: Unplug the cable from behind
    remove hazard cable
  • Step 3: Then take out the top cover, similar to step 1, then you are able to remove screws and take out the factory radio and CD.
    step 2
    step 3
    remove factory plugs
    all removed
  • Step 4: Now it’s time to install the new Hyundai Tucson DVD GPS navigation, plug the special cable with the factory wiring harness, not need to modify wires for installation, plug and play. Plug the USB and iPod cable to the back connector of the unit, and GPS antenna. After all cables are connected, you can push it into the dash, install screws, install back top cover and below hazard warning light part, that’s all.
    install new unit
    install top cover
    install hazard light
    installation finished

By the way, you can run the USB and iPod cable to the glove compartment at front of the front passenger seat, GPS antenna can be put at top right comer of the dashboard.

After installation, turn on the car and the unit, you can test it now, enjoy! It takes a professional mechanic about one hour to install this Hyundai Tucson DVD navigation head unit, while if you have experience before you can even install within one hour. All in all, it’s easy to install such a unit and it’s plug and play.

If you have any questions during installation, DVDGPSNav is ready to assist, you can contact us freely.

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Latest 10.1 inch large screen Android head unit for 2009-2014 Hyundai IX35 and Hyundai Tucson:

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