Installation instructions for Hyundai Sonata DVD navigation

Hyundai updates Sonata the latest model in 2015, we just upgraded our hyundai sonata dvd navigation with new software and firmware, the new hyundai sonata navigation dvd unit comes with 8 inch touch screen, and there’s a mounting frame included to fix our sonata dvd/gps.

Hyundai Sonata navigation

Normally this sonata DVD unit can fit a 2011, 2012 and 2013 year Hyundai Sonata, however, the version of Hyundai Sonata may be different in different countries, so if you are not sure if this unit fit your car, you’d better contact us and send your car’s model, manufacture year and if possible, a dashboard picture to us, so our technicians can check and make sure if this Hyundai sonata DVD navigation fit your car.

If your car has steering wheel controls, our sonata navigation can support steering wheel control using a CAN-BUS decoder, you can choose the CAN-BUS option before add it to the cart on our site. Besides, if your Hyundai Sonata has an amplifier, you also need to choose this CAN-BUS option which costs only 30USD(it’s free now).

Sonata navigation DVD

The installation for this unit is not a difficult job for a professional mechanic, you need some tools to take out the original front panel, the wiring harness is plug and play. So you don’t need to modify any wires to install this Hyundai Sonata dvd navigation headunit. And there’s a wiring diagram at the bottom of the unit, so you can know which wire is used for its function.

You can check this picture which can show you all steps for installing this Hyundai sonata head unit with GPS navigation system, Bluetooth, USB and other features.

installation instructions for hyundai sonata dvd navigation
installation instructions for Hyundai sonata DVD navigation

As for how to remove Hyundai Sonata radio, you can check this video.

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