Toyota Land Cruiser Tesla Screen LC200 Head Unit Upgrade

Looking for a land cruiser Tesla screen? The land cruiser is a Toyota SUV model that does not come with a Tesla screen by default. However, it is possible to install an aftermarket Tesla style screen in a Land Cruiser 200, which can offer a larger display and modern features. Besides, Toyota land cruiser head unit upgrade is designed to be plug-and-play and can be installed without any modifications to the dashboard or wiring.

The Tesla-style screen typically features a large touchscreen display, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, camera display, air conditioning system control, and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It can also provide access to other apps and features that are not available on the stock Land Cruiser infotainment system.

In this post, you can see a 16 inch large 2K Tesla screen Android head unit for Toyota Land Cruiser 2008-2015 year model. The other model is a new Tesla screen head unit upgrade for Toyota Land Cruiser 2016-2020 year model.

land cruiser tesla screen
Toyota Land Cruiser Tesla Screen

Land Cruiser Tesla Screen Awesome Features

  • Tesla screen dashboard looking, modern and cool
  • Special for Toyota Land Cruiser 200, LC200
  • 16 inch super HD 2K IPS large screen, 1920*1080 resolution(12 inch screen optional)
  • Support HD 1080P and 4K video playing
  • High speed Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Octa-Core CPU
  • 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM, 128GB+8GB optional
  • Latest upgrade Android 11 system
  • Multi-touch screen
  • Support climate control, air conditioning system display
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Receiver
  • Audio output 4*50W
  • Premium 3rd generation upgraded DSP amplifier, best sound quality
  • Support wireless Apple carplay, Android auto
  • Built-in AM/FM with RDS for Europe
  • Support Steering Wheel Controls
  • Installed Google Play Store app
  • Built-in GPS navigation system
  • Installed offline igo or Sygic GPS maps available worldwide
  • Also support online maps like Google maps
  • Multi-languages available, English by default
  • Support Bluetooth phone calls
  • Support Bluetooth stereo music
  • Support USB playing for high quality music and video
  • Fits both left hand driving and left hand driving dashboard
  • 4 Channels RCA audio output
  • HDMI output
  • Support aftermarket back up camera
  • Support original and aftermarket 360 camera system, need to add a 360 control box
Toyota Land Cruiser Head Unit Upgrade
Toyota Land Cruiser Head Unit Upgrade

For a 2016-2019 Toyota Land Cruiser, as the dashboard is different from the older model, so you should install this new 13.6″ Land Cruiser android head unit.

Tesla screen head unit for Land Cruiser 2016-2019
Tesla screen head unit for Land Cruiser 2016-2019

This 13.6″ Tesla screen android head unit has the same configuration as the 16″ model, just the screen size and the frame around the screen are different.

By the way, the old Toyota land cruiser 200 dashboard can also be upgraded with the this 13.6″ new looking Tesla screen unit now.

Here’s a video to show you how it performs:

Note: This video displays the older version, new version is available and it looks more modern and beautiful than the old version.

Can this Tesla style head unit fit my Toyota Land Cruiser?

Installing an aftermarket Tesla style screen in a Land Cruiser can vary in terms of complexity and cost depending on the specific model and year of your vehicle, as well as the type of screen you choose.

For different years land cruiser, as the dashboard is different, so it may need to install different head units.

The best way to confirm if it fits and works for your land cruiser is by checking the dashboard picture, you can send an email with your car model, year, and a clear dashboard picture to us, we can confirm and reply you very soon in working hours.

By the way, some aftermarket screens may require additional components or adapters to be installed, such as a radio replacement module or a steering wheel control interface. Land cruiser screen upgrade from DVDGPSNav is just plug and play for installation, so you don’t need to add any other modules to make it working.

In addition to the screen itself, you may also want to consider upgrading other components of your Land Cruiser’s stereo system, such as the speakers and amplifier, to get the most out of the new screen. Our land cruiser 200 Tesla screen head unit has HDMI and RCA audio outputs optional.

If you are interested in upgrading the factory Toyota land cruiser stereo system, or have any questions, you can feel free to contact us here.

How to Install Toyota Land Cruiser Tesla Screen Head Unit?

Installing an aftermarket Land Cruiser 200 Tesla screen can enhance the driving experience with features such as navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and multimedia playback.

That’s not difficult for a professional car audio shop to install this a Tesla Style Toyota Land Cruiser head unit, it comes with compatible wiring harness to connect the factory one. All necessary cables and parts are included in the package.

Just the same as other stereo upgrade, the first thing you will need to do is removing the original land cruiser radio, then you can go ahead to install the new Tesla screen. The entire process can be about one hour or two, it depends on whether you or your installer have car stereo installation experience before.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you install an Tesla screen Android head unit in your Land Cruiser 200:

  1. Purchase a compatible land cruiser head unit upgrade

    Before you start the installation process, make sure to purchase the best aftermarket Android head unit that is specifically designed for the Land Cruiser 200. Check the specifications to ensure compatibility with your car’s make and model, or confirm with the supplier to make sure it fits and works for your LC200.

  2. Disconnect the battery

    Before beginning the installation, it is important to disconnect the battery to avoid any electrical hazards.

  3. Remove the factory land cruiser radio

    Use a panel removal tool to gently pry out the factory head unit from the dashboard. Locate and disconnect the electrical connectors, and remove any mounting brackets or screws that are holding the unit in place.

  4. Install the new Tesla screen head unit

    Mount the new head unit in place and connect the wiring harnesses. You need to use the wiring harness and connectors that came with your new head unit to ensure a secure connection.

  5. Power on the new head unit

    Reconnect the battery and power on the new head unit to ensure it is working properly.

  6. Test the features

    Test all the features of the new head unit, including the navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and multimedia playback to make sure they are working properly. After that, you can finish the installation process, replace any trim or panels that you removed during the installation process and secure the new head unit in place.


You can also check this video which shows you how to install it step by step:

How to Install 2008-2015 LC200 Tesla Screen Android Unit


While installing if you or your installer have any questions, you can also contact us, we will do the best to assist you.

Finally, it’s worth installing a land cruiser Tesla style screen which can add modern features and functionality to your Land Cruiser. If you’re not happy with the stock infotainment system, an aftermarket land cruiser Tesla screen android head unit is your best choice.

Land Cruiser 200 Interior Upgrade

For a 2008-2015 year land cruiser 200, if you want to upgrade the interior dashboard to a new looking 20016-2020 style dashboard, this interior upgrade kit is available now.

land cruiser 200 interior upgrade dashboard

With this upgrade kit, your old 2008-2015 Toyota LC 200 entire dashboard can be upgraded to 2016-2020 LC200 dashboard.

The new upgrade includes head unit, air vents, shift gear, shift gear panel, air conditioning panel and necessary trims. You can also upgrade the steering wheel to a new one.

LC200 Steering wheel upgrade

If you want to to upgrade the interior dashboard of your land cruiser 200, just feel free to contact us for any questions.

111 thoughts on “Toyota Land Cruiser Tesla Screen LC200 Head Unit Upgrade

  1. have you got diagram for wiring up factory reverse camera- tesla style screen 2011 landcruiser sahara 200 series ??

    1. Hi, for a 2008-2015 year model land cruiser, the dashboard should install our 16″ tesla screen. You can send a dashboard picture for me to check further.

  2. What country is this made in and what warranty do you supply if fitted with a recommended installer in Victoria Australia?

    1. This unit is made directly from our factory in China, it’s with 2 years warranty, we can ship to Australia. Installation is plug and play, as long as your installer can remove the factory radio, he should be able to install our new unit as well.

      1. Hello !
        Whenever i open video it only sound work and i cannot see the video
        I see msg : NO VIDEO FOR SAFE DRIVE
        Before it was working
        Appreciate your help

  3. I have the 2015 Tesla screen currently installed. Is there any 2016-2019 tesla screen that is suitable? I have bought the interior facelift kit and would like to upgrade the screen as well.

    1. For 2015 year land cruiser, it should come with a different dashboard as the 2016-2019 year model, so it should install the 16″ tesla style android head unit, for 2016-2019 year land cruiser, it should install the 13.6″ tesla style android unit.

    1. Please send us your car model, year and a dash photo, so we can confirm if this unit fits your car.

  4. I bought a tesla dvd with you and it turns out that the clock is constantly resetting and the photo of the vehicle on the screen display is not a land cruiser.

    1. I searched your name or email but did not find your order with us, so your unit should be different with ours, please contact your seller for after-sales service.

  5. Hi. If i connect my iphone, does it plays youtube videos im watching.on my phone or how it works. Im thinking to buy one of this. Thanks.

    1. Hello, the apple carplay/android auto feature can allow you to play youtube videos from your phone.

  6. I have a problem with my 2021 land cruiser toyota tesla screen and the AC switch and temperature regulator are not working and my flash light button not working

    1. Hi, our unit does not have such a problem. I searched your name and email but did not find your order with us, so you should have purchased the unit from another supplier, please contact the supplier of your unit, because only they know their product, and it’s their responsibility to provide after-sales service for you.

  7. Hi I have a 2018 lc200 landcruiser with factory GPS system which doesn’t work in my country. So I want to upgrade to Tesla 13″ but I have noticed it has a big connector which I suspect is for the air-con going into the stereo console. Now if I takeout original monitor and original stereo console will the air-con work still after replacing with your Tesla?

  8. Hello. I have installed the console and everything worked fine until I had a flat battery. From this time the volume does not come loud from the speakers even the volume is at the maximum level. At the menu console – amplifier I cannot change anything because these buttons are not active. Is there any other way to make the sound come louder from the speakers. Thank you.

  9. Hi, I have installed this in LC 2014 VXR model and its working fine, but I am not able to get the HDMI output from the HDMI output Jack provided. Is there any change in settings I need to do to enable HDMI output?

  10. Hi,
    My 2010 Landcruiser 202 V8 has a 4 zone button on the AC controls can this be accommodated on your system?

  11. hello, I have 2010 (VXR) Land cruiser which was converted to 2020(interior and exterior).I bought 13,6 Tesla display but Unfortunately the climate control as well as amplifier didnt work(fit) and not operating. The original display model is 86120-60650. Can you help me with this issue? Do you sell special wiring harnesses that can make climate control and amplifier to work?

    1. The wiring harness for a 2010 and 2020 model land cruiser is different. Did your wiring harness been converted as well? If not, you need to use the wiring harness for a 2010 model.

    1. Our unit supports air conditioner controls working after installation. As you did not buy the unit from us, if you need our help, I’m afraid you need to pay service fee.

  12. Hi, i live in Australia and have a 2009 Landcruiser 200 Series GXL without navigation or reverse camera. Can you please tell me what model i would need, shipping cost and if you can include a reverse camera as well? What is the estimated shipping time to Adelaide South Australia at this time?



    1. Hello Will, shipping time to Australia is about 3~5 days by Fedex or TNT.
      In order to check which model is compatible with your car, can you please send a dashboard picture from your 2009 Land cruiser 200 Series GXL for us to check?

  13. I bought and installed a new Android 9.0 64+4GB 16 inch Tesla style Car GPS Navigation For TOYOTA LAND CRUISER LC200 2008-15 Radio Headunit Multimedia Player, but now i can not put on my Air conditioning in thr car. Pls how can I make the AC function again?

    1. Hi, you did not buy the unit from us, so I don’t know your unit, you may ordered the wrong unit, there are 2 different models for different dashboards.

    1. This 16″ Tesla screen Android head unit fits and works for your Toyota land cruiser 200 2015 model.

    1. We can ship to South Africa, you can send a dash photo from your 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser for us to check further, so we can send you the correct price.

    1. Hi, I did not find your order with us by searching your name or email, please contact your supplier for the software update.

    1. We also have Tesla style Android head unit for Toyota LC200 2019, could you please send a dashboard picture for us to check further? So that we can make sure if it fits your car. Our email is

  14. Hi,

    Is there a unit that would fit a 2012 200 GX model (does not have dual zone air climate, only normal air conditioner).

    Kind regards


      1. I am also very interested in this version, how should I contact you to confirm the model, price, availability and model specification?
        I look forward to your reply
        Many thanks

  15. Ive got a Land Cruise GXR from 2010 and iam going to upgrade its exterior to 2019. My quesion is do this fits GXR without any problem? Becuse have watched a video and the guy says the system fits only VXR?

    1. Our 16″ Android screen unit fits all land cruiser 200 from year 2008 to 2015, it fits GXR as well, we have 2 models available, you can send a dashboard picture for us to check which model fits your car.

  16. The unit when switch from one radio station to other or when change display operation make an “anormal switch sound”. Unit do not match in a JBL Synthesis amplifier original on a 2013 Land Cruiser LC200 VX Toyota European Model.

    1. Hi, our unit is compatible with 2013 Land Cruiser LC200 VX Toyota European Model with JBL amplifier. The switch sound can be turned off. You should have bought another unit from another supplier because i can not find your order with us by your email and name.

  17. Hi,

    I have an LC200 2014 GXR model in the UAE – do you have an agent in the UAE from whom i can buy this unit?

    1. Hi, sorry we don’t have agent in UAE but we can ship to your country. If you have any other questions, just feel free to contact us.

  18. Hi there
    I,ve bought new unit couple weeks ago, but the screen is not interacting with my fingers, what is your recommendation or guidance? Do i need to reset?
    And another question, what is the advanced pass code?

    Awaiting your answer

    1. Hi, our unit supports touch screen with your fingers. By searching your email or name i did not find your order with us, so your unit may be different from ours. Please contact your seller.

    1. Hi, prices are different for different dashboard from Toyota Land Cruiser 200, so please send us a dashboard picture for us to check further. I just sent you an email.

  19. how to restore factory seting ?
    after installing and removing some apps , the AC control no more working !! as well as the steering wheel control no more working
    how to recover this problem, I am sure it is software problem
    waiting ur replay

    1. You may delete some important apps. I searched your name and email but could not find your order with us, please contact your seller for software upgrade because your unit may be different from ours.

        1. Live in Australia

          I have a 2017 VX Landcruiser

          Do you have a 16 inch head unit that will not disturb the factory settings such as

          • Microphone
          • Steering wheel buttons that operate the head unit after installing
          • Apply car play is not available in the current head unit (even after pressing and holding the home button) does the new 16 inch head unit have Apple car play?

          1. Please send a dashboard picture for us to check first, then we can answer all your questions one by one.

  20. The Landcruiser 200 is a 2013 with Navigation and the rear entertainment screen is on the ceiling. Need to know whether I will be able to project to the screen just like the OEM unit

  21. I would like to know if I could get a head unit in Hungary for a 2008 vintage toyota landcruiser 200

          1. Could you please firstly send a dashboard photo from your 2009 LC 200 for us to check? So that we can make sure if our unit fits and works for your car.

      1. Hi! Could you send tips to connect AC built in wiring to your unit on a European 2015 LC 200 Landcruiser? Included wiring doesn’t fit…

        1. Our unit can support A/C display and control by connecting our cable with your car. I searched your email and name but did not find your order with us, please contact your supplier to solve it for you.

          1. Hi . I need to connect my rear camera as well as the 360 cameras. How do I go about this.

    1. We don’t have agents in South Africa, if you need you can contact us, we can ship to your country.

        1. If you need, you can send us your shipping address and the payment method, so we can send you an invoice and place an order for you.

          1. It should fit and work for your car, you can send a dashboard picture for us to check further.

  22. Afternoon,

    I just bought one of this units and I got it installed myself. Everything works perfect except the volume is very low coming out of the speakers even with it being on the loudest from the unit. I have also gone to settings and increase the volume to the loudest but to no avail.
    Is there a separate connection which would increase the volume?

    Your response would mean a lot to me

  23. Do you have installation instructions for this unit into a LC200? Do you need to replace the reversing camera? I have a 2015 VX LC200. Are there any wiring changes required. Are there USB sockets or SD slots for installing/running programs?
    I would like to run Oziexplorer CE (Android mapping Program) that requires maps to be loaded on an SD card?

    1. Installation manual is not available currently, but installation is easy, plug and play. This unit does not support factory reversing camera, if you need you can connect an aftermarket camera. There’s a USB cable with USB ports, not have sd card slot, you can copy files into the internal memory through USB. By the way, we recommend Android Sygic maps.

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