10.25″ Lexus Ct200h Screen Upgrade Android Head Unit Infotainment Upgrade

Lexus ct200h infotainment system can be upgraded with a 10.25 inch touch screen Android head unit now. It replaces the factory small screen with a new wide 10.25″ HD IPS screen upgrade. If your Lexus ct200h does not come with original screen, you can also cut the top dash to install this 10.25″ screen upgrade Android unit.

After you installed Lexus ct200h Android screen head unit, your original functions and controls like radio and CD player and steering wheel control still work the same as before. It’s compatible with all the factory functions.

For basic model Lexus ct200h, we have another Lexus ct200h Radio Replacement, it costs less but just compatible with basic not premium model of Lexus ct200h.

Lexus Ct200h Screen Upgrade Infotainment Features And Specifications

  • 10.25 inch Lexus ct200h HD IPS screen upgrade
  • 1920*720 resolution, better than 1280*480
  • Full touch screen capacitive panel, also support mouse control
  • Latest upgrade: Android 14 system
  • Qualcomm 8-Core Snapdragon 665 high speed CPU
  • AdrenoTM 506 GPU
  • 64GB ROM(64GB storage), 8GB RAM, 128GB and 256GB are optional
  • Keep factory functions working, including radio, cd, mouse, swc, etc.
  • Support original Lexus ct200h menu display on the new screen upgrade
  • Multi-languages available, English by default
  • Support steering wheel control and factory back up camera
  • Bluetooth hands free phone calling function
  • Support Bluetooth phone
  • Support Bluetooth phone music
  • Support 4K HD Video play
  • Support MP3, WMA, AMR, AAC, WAC, APE, FLAC(Digital Audio Effect)
  • With 2 USB ports for music and video play, file transfer, etc
  • Built-in Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto, also support wired carplay via USB connection
  • Support original rear camera or aftermarket camera
  • Fits both left hand and right hand driving Lexus ct200h (Note: bracket is different for LHD and RHD models)
Lexus CT200h Screen Upgrade
Lexus CT200h Screen Upgrade
Lexus ct200h Apple Carplay
Lexus ct200h Apple Carplay

Would like to see how it works after installation? You can check this video.

Note: If your Lexus ct200h infotainment system does not have factory dash screen or mouse control, you can also upgrade ct200h infotainment system with a similar model which comes with a mouse controller included.

You can check the mouse controller below:

Lexus ct200h Mouse Controller
Lexus ct200h Mouse Controller

How to check if this screen upgrade fits my Lexus CT200h?

The Lexus ct200h’s dashboard is with different versions, some are with original screen, others not, some are without mouse, some are with mouse control. The control mouse may also be different, that’s why we produce 3 different Lexus ct200h stereo upgrade.

So please send us your car information including a clear dash photo for us to check further, including the main menu from factory screen unit, factory radio/CD system, and the mouse or storage compartment, this photo is for your reference:

Lexus ct200h original radio screen

You can send your dashboard pictures to us via email: sales@dvdgpsnav.com

After checked your dash photos as above, we can confirm which Android screen upgrade head unit is compatible with your ct200h.

If your Lexus ct200h is a right hand drive model, the frame is a little different, here you can check how it looks after installation.

Lexus ct200h screen upgrade RHD model
Lexus ct200h screen upgrade RHD model

If your Lexus ct200h does not have factory screen or mouse control, you should install the other model.

2011 Lexus ct200h Factory Base Head Unit Before Installation:

Lexus ct200h stereo without screen or mouse

As this ct200h does not have a top screen, you will need to cut the top dash to locate the new 10.25″ screen head unit. By the way, if your ct200h has a factory top screen, you don’t need to cut the top dash anymore.

How to cut the top dash? There’s a template included in the package, so you can follow the template to cut the dash easily by a utility knife blade.

ct200h cut top dash for screen unit
ct200h cut top dash for screen unit
ct200h install new android screen
ct200h install new android screen

How to install Lexus CT200h Screen Upgrade?

When you do Lexus ct200h infotainment upgrade, installation is not complicated at all for a professional mechanic, it just replaces the factory screen and it’s just plug and play.

Firstly you will need to take out the left and right decorative trims on both sides. Take out the front panel, remove factory Lexus ct200h radio, install new screen, connect all plugs.

For ct200h without factory screen, you will need to cut the top dash to fix the new 10.25 inch screen dash mounted unit. However, if your car has original small screen, just replace it with the new Android screen and use our new frame/bezel, no need to cut dash for installation.

Download the full installation instructions for 10.25″ Lexus ct200h Android screen unit here.


  1. Does this Lexus ct200h touch screen android unit supports Apple Carplay  and Android Auto?
    Answer: Yes, it supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The Apple Carplay device also supports Android Auto forAndroid phone. It’s wireless connection via Bluetooth. After many years developing, we can provide stable wireless carplay now. Besides, it supports wired carplay now.
  2. Will the stock mouse be functional after the installation of the unit?
    Answer: Yes, your stock mouse still works the same as before after installation of our 10.25″ Lexus ct200h Android head unit. Actually, all your factory functions can work the same as before after installation.
  3. Does the ct200h screen upgrade display all the information that the stock unit display? Like heater temperature and so on.
    Answer: Yes, all menus from the stock unit display can display on this new 10.25″ Lexus ct200h Android screen.
  4. Does it have guarantee? If so, for how long?
    Answer: This Android head unit is with top quality, we offer 3 years warranty.
  5. What about the delivery time?
    Answer: We only start to produce the unit after confirmation of the order, so our customers can always get the latest version of our product, not the stock item. The processing time is about 1-3 business days including  producing, aging and testing before shipping, and the shipping time is about 3~5 days by DHL or FedEx to major destinations.

Still got a question? You can leave a comment below, or contact us via email: sales@dvdgpsnav.com, we will reply you very soon in working hours.

194 thoughts on “10.25″ Lexus Ct200h Screen Upgrade Android Head Unit Infotainment Upgrade

  1. I have a 2015 Lexus CT 200H with navigation and mouse controller. Is there any audio delay when using netflix or youtube? How long until these units start to lag as they get older? What is the warranty information? Will my factory rear view camera work with this?

    1. There’s no audio delay when using nexflix or youtube, i have never heard of this issue from our customers before. Our unit is top quality with a 3 years warranty. It supports your factory rear view camera working.

  2. I do not want to retain my original stereo if I install this. Can I remove the original stereo when I use your product? I would rather replace it with a 2 din storage console box.

    Does your product work with any DVR camera and start up automatically? I have used a number of android units with a DVR camera, and I have to always browse the menus, and then manually turn on the camera, which is a hassle.

    1. If your ct200h has a top screen on the dashboard, you can not replace the original radio unit, because it does not work, however, you can replace the original top screen with this Android screen head unit. All DVR cameras are the same, it needs to install a DVR app for it to work with an android unit.

  3. I have a 2013 CT200h with Nav. I want to buy this unit, but I’ve read reviews that say the bluetooth connection often drops. I want to avoid that. If I buy the wired Carplay adapter, can I bypass Bluetooth? Do you have a picture of your wired Carplay adapter, especially the connections? Thank you.

    1. Our 10.25 inch HD Lexus ct200h Android screen head unit is compatible with your car. It supports wired Android auto connection via USB now, so you don’t need to buy another USB adapter.

  4. 2013 right hand drive Lexus ct200h with the old version of the dash system. Would like to upgrade to a new one. How much would it cost?

  5. I’m writing with questions to see if the product is compatible with my car.

    Specifically, I’m hoping you can help to answer the following questions.

    My vehicle is a 2012 Lexus ct200h. It does not have navigation and does not have an OEM screen in the dash, BUT does have a storage compartment in the dash where the OEM screen exists on models with the navigation. Additionally, it does not have the mouse controller. The car has the JBL sound system installed.

    Is this module compatible with a 2012 Lexus ct200h I have described above?
    Given the existing cut-out for the compartment in the dash, will this module fit into that space (i.e. remove the existing module and replace with your kit? There is currently a 12v outlet in this storage compartment
    Will I be able to retain steering wheel controls?
    Can I retain the existing OEM head unit when adding this product?
    the car has an existing OEM back up camera integrated into the rear view mirror. Can the camera be re-routed through the new screen?
    Can the mouse controller be added to my car to work with the screen?
    What is the cost of this product?
    Will this system allow use of Apple Carplay wirelessly?

    1. Yes, this 10.25″ android screen head unit is compatible with your 2012 Lexus ct200h, it can fit into your compartment space. It supports steering wheel controls and OEM head unit working, it also supports wireless Apple carplay. If your backup camera has a RCA connector then you can also connect it with our new screen, if not, you can add our aftermarket camerea. There’s a mouse controller included in the package for ct200h without the factory one. The price was sent to your email.

  6. Hi there,

    I have a Lexus 2015 CT200H, I am also based in the UK. Is there a different variant of trim needed due to the country spec?

    Can I also ask for some more information on price and if there is any options in terms of RAM as I would assume this would improve ‘boot up’ time?

    1. Yes, another trim is needed for a RHD model ct200h. I sent you an email with more information, please check.

  7. I have 2011 CT200H with the full options Navigation system with backup camera. It has a control mouse and steering wheel volume control. It is a left hand drive car. How much is your 10.25″ Lexus Ct200h Screen Upgrade Android Head Unit ? Shipping to Oregon, USA.

    1. Our unit supports your factory backup camera and steering wheel control working. The unit price is US$649 now, free shipping by DHL/Fedex/UPS to USA, free igo maps update lifetime.

  8. Hello. Is it just a screen replacement? I have a good sound and I would not like to change the sound card. I only want to replace the display to have apple carplay. Could you also say, can you provide a rear camera as well? I live in the UK, how much will it cost? Thank you.

    1. Our unit just replaces your factory screen, it does not affect any of your factory functions, your sound system still works the same as before after installation. Yes, a rear camera is optional. I sent you the price to your email.

    2. I have a 2014 CT 200h. My OEM screen keeps rebooting in a loop and I cannot use the factory unit anymore. From what I have found it might be the radio receiver has been corrupted.

      Does this come with a new radio receiver, or does it piggyback of the OEM system?

      1. Our unit keeps the factory radio receiver working, it does not have a new radio receiver. All OEM system can work the same as before after installation.

        1. I would like to replace the head unit on my 2012 Lexus CT200h. I have navigation and a mouse with side buttons. I am in the US so it is a left hand driver. How do I order a unit?

  9. Hi,
    My 2012 Ct200h screen went black an no longer display anything. Consider to upgrade.
    Left side steering wheel, mouse console and screen is pops up.
    What would the cost with shipping to WA?

  10. Hi there considering buying a 2019 CT200h Takumi. It has the larger display but no carplay- can i buy a unit from you- if so how much would that be in GBP £- i am based in UK thanks!

  11. Hello I am interested in buying this unit.
    I have a 2015 CT200 with no infotainment system, no mouse, no backup camera.

    Can I still buy this unit? Can I also buy a mouse from you and does the mouse have installation instructions too? Can I also buy the backup camera from you? Also will this system work with aftermarket subwoofer and speaker system?

    Please let me know the quote for the Android system, mouse and backup camera please.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, yes, you can install this 10.25″ Lexus ct200h android screen unit, a mouse controller is included for your car. A HD backup camera is optional. It transfers the sound to car speakers through your ct200h’s aux mode, so there’s not audio outputs to connect an aftermarket subwoofer or amplifier. I sent you an email with more information and the price, please check.

  12. Hi! I say the 10.25 android head unit posted on a Lexus Facebook group. I have a 2012 Lexus ct200h and was wondering how much one would be and if it would work on a 2012. Attached is a photo of the infotainment center of my car. Thank u.

  13. Just want a larger monitor in the CT 2017 with all extras. Take out cables – plug them in the larger monitor and just have a larger monitor with the features that are already in my car. No Android or Apple extras are interesting.

  14. 2013 Lexus CT200H with premium sound, flip up GPS, mouse controller. I want to buy newest version with newer rear camera if available. What android system does it have now?

      1. Hello I love to buy this unit
        I have a 2016 CT200 base with no infotainment system, no mouse, no backup camera. Please let me know how much total the unit and back up camera. Thank you

    1. This 10.25″ android screen supports factory functions working, if your original head unit is not working, this will remain the same as before after installation.

  15. Hi, I have a Lexus CT200h from 2015
    With premium navigation ( well it’s not that premium :p)

    Will this work for me?

  16. Hi there, i was browsing the internet and found your unit. I am mainly interested in bluetooth/wirless apple car play function for my 2012 ct200h. Any chance to provide me a price + shipping to the UK via email? Many thanks, Oskd

  17. have a ct200h basic model. On my dash there is flip up compartment. Can the flip up compartment be replace with this deck and doesn’t have backups camera.can you sent the info and price wich one will compatible of model?

  18. Do you still offer this upgraded head unit for the Lexus CT 200H and is it compatible with the joystick controller?
    I ask because i could not find it on your website.
    Thank you

  19. Would like to replace Navigation/Radio system with your 10.25 touch screen. I have the mouse controller with this system so will the 10.25 replacement work with the mouse and the back up camera?

  20. I have a 2017 Lexus CT200h F sport with the original factory infotainment navigation system that is constantly resetting. There is no audio that comes out in radio or bluetooth mode as well. This had led me to your website on a new head unit. I am located in Southern California. Please message me for estimate pricing and recommendation for a particular new head unit that fits my car/situation. Thank You!

  21. Hello. I’m very interested in this. Will this show the hybrid charging screen? Also will it show how much miles are left before refueling?

    Thank you.

  22. Hi , I have a 2018 ct 200 f sport with the basic 7 inch screen would you be so kind as to send details

  23. Hi
    I have the 2017 CT200h with standard head unit. Would this unit simply fit in without cutting any into the dash?.
    Also can you please email me the price for the RHD version (I am based in UK).

  24. I have a Lexus CT200h 2012 model very basic model I want upgrade radio stereo The one in the middle by the gear box I wanna upgrade it to a screen is it possible I’m from uk and my car stearin is on the right hand side

  25. which model should I buy for 2018 Lexus CT 200H. The car already has 10.25″ display.
    Also, does your unit supports voice commands for “Ok Google” and “hey Siri”?

    1. Hi, if there’s not a hole at top dashboard of your ct200h, you will need to cut a hole in order to install our new 10.25″ lexus ct200h infotainment upgrade. You don’t need to cut wires for modify plugs for installation, as our power cable is compatible with your factory ct200h wiring harness.

  26. I have a 2017 ct200h base with no nav. Is it possible to buy and install both the 10.25 and the one that replaces the stock radio?

  27. Hi, I have a 2013 CT200h with in dash screen. Can you please send me price information for this, will it have New Zealand navigation built in?

    1. Our 10.25″ android head unit fits and works for your 2013 Lexus CT200h, we will install igo maps for New Zealand for you, maps are free.

  28. Hi,
    I have a 2012 Lexus Ct200H, with the factory nav display & radio. Is this compatible? I am also located in New Zealand, will you ship here?

    1. Yes, this 10.25″ unit is compatible with your car. We can ship to New Zealand as well, we ship worldwide.

    2. Hi Bryan, how did this work out for you? I also have a 2012 Lexus Ct200H and have been trying to find someone to install me something new (my original unit died and attempts to fix and then find a second-hand unit have failed). Cheers.

  29. Can you connect the audio from the screen via Bluetooth or does it need to be though aux?
    I have the top picture version in my CT, with the pop up screen. Where does the car play input sit on the dash?
    Could I have a price for delivery to the UK

    1. Hi, the audio transfers to car speakers through factory aux, with our new version, carplay is built-in the unit now. I send you more information the price to your email, please check.

  30. Hi

    I have the CT Advance 2014 so I have the screen but would like a price for this unit and the apple carplay adaptor too please .
    I am in the uk so please can you add shipping costs too.

    Thank you


  31. I just got the 2017 Lexus CT200h F-Sport, without the GPS/Screen. I want to purchase this unit. Does it come with the right hand control knob?

    1. Yes, it can connect a front camera, but if you connect the front camera for reversing, it can not connect a reverse camera anymore, either front camera or reverse camera. If you need both front camera and reverse camera working, you can consider a 360 camera system which can be supported with this ct200h screen upgrade.

  32. Hello
    I have a 2015 Lexus Ct 200h F sport
    And would like to upgrade my unit. Exactly what do I need to buy??
    Attached is a picture of my unit.
    Thank you!
    Can’t wait.

    1. Hello, your 2015 Lexus ct200h F sport can install this 10.25″ Android screen head unit to replace your factory small screen.

  33. i’m interested too for this unit. i have a 2015 f-sport with premium navigation so i think it’s ok.

    what about dashcam? it’is possible to add some cam and a app for recording?

    a dashcam at the rear of the screen would be awesome! and more split the screen in three parts to add right and left cam (and dashcam in middle) would be the “graal”
    thanks for reply

    1. This unit fits your 2015 ct200h with factory navigation as well. DVR camera is optional. Split screen is available for 2 parts.

    1. We have different models for ct200h, firstly let’s check which head unit is compatible with your ct200h, then we can send you the pictures or a product video.

  34. Hi, I have a Lexus 2012 ct200h with a screen on its dashboard and the manufacter remote mouse.It’s the info/navi edition. I’m in Sweden can you post to Sweden?

    1. Yes, we can ship to Sweden. This 10.25″ Android screen head unit fits your Lexus ct200h 2012 year with factory screen and mouse.

    1. Hi, if you purchased the unit from us, you can contact us to see if there’s update available for your unit.

  35. Sorry if this was answered before but if my 2016 CT200h doesnt have the navigation already, is it possible to add with this unit? Also is there Android Auto Adapter for this unit?


  36. I have a 2014 CT200h F Sport and would like to upgrade to the 10.25 Android head unit touch screen.
    I do not have the factory installed navigation SD card.
    Will the missing Lexus navigation SD card cause an issue?
    What is the price for the Android head unit?
    I can provide pictures.

  37. Hi, I have a ’13 ct200 with the basic head unit, 10 speaker system, and the dsah cubby(where the pop up nav would be)
    Is there a mouse available with this as i cannot reach the screen while driving.
    I would need the android auto support as well.
    Does it support the 10 speaker system?
    What happens to the standard head unit? is there a panel blank or similar that can replace it?
    Does it also integrate with the basic steering wheel controls and the built in mic for calling?

    1. Our 10.25″ android head unit fits and works for your 2012 ct200 with basic head unit. It supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay which is optional. Your factory radio unit can work the same as before.

      It supports all your factory functions working, your steering wheel controls can work the same as before, and our unit has a mouse controller included. It supports your factory 10 speakers as well, your built-in mic can work the same as before.

      1. Hi, where I can see the mouse controller that you offer with the head unit? Mine ct200h 2012 it has the basic unit without the navigation o hole above in the dash.

        1. For Lexus ct200h without factory top screen or mouse controller, our model has a mouse controller included, i sent you an email with more information, please check.

  38. I have CT200h with only base stereo. I would like to upgrade to 10.25” screen by cutting the dash top.

    Can you please give me your beat quote with mouse and apple car play option? I also want to use my factory back up camera work on it.

    1. You can install our 10.25″ screen head unit. We sent you an email with the price, please check.

  39. Hello, I have 2013 Lexus CT200h (left hand drive). Non-Nav unit, hence no mouse control. There is a compartment for Nav install. I would like to add this unit and also retrofit a factory mouse control. Is it possible? What can you do with the mouse control? Does the mouse control only work on the Android system or will it also work with Android Auto or Apple Carplay mode? Thanks

    1. Hello, this 10.25″ Android head unit fits and works for your 2013 Lexus CT200h without mouse control, our unit has a mouse controller included, it’s used for Android system. It supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto by touch screen, the mouse control can not control carplay as it’s a third party device. If you have any other questions, just contact us.

  40. Hi, I have a Lexus 2011 ct200h without a screen on its dashboard. Show me some pictures or video link as how will it look after and I’m really interested to buy. I’m in U.K can you post to U.K?

    1. Hi, we can ship to United Kingdom. We just sent you an email with related information you need, please check.

  41. Hi. I have a CT200h 2018 Lexus with 7” screen and without gps and android system. Does the unit fits? Do I need to cut the desh? Do you send the unit to Israel? Thanks

    1. Yes, this 10.25″ Lexus CT200h Android head unit fits and works for your CT200h 2018 Lexus with 7” screen. You don’t need to cut the dash for installation. We can ship to Israel as well.

      1. Hi. Is the unit a touch screen one? And if this is the case, will I still be able to use the joystick installed in the car? How long it will take to deliver and is there a discount for bank transfer? Thanks again.

        1. Yes, it’s touch screen. You are still able to use the joystick installed in the car. The processing time is about 3 business days including producing, aging and testing before shipping, and the shipping time is about 3~5 days by DHL. Yes, 15% discount for payment by bank transfer or western union. By the way, i also sent you an email with reply to all your questions.

  42. Mine also is 2012 ct200h small fold screen and mouse control. If it fits can you send a link please so I can purchase?

    1. This 10.25″ Android head unit for Lexus CT200h fits and works for your 2012 ct200h small fold screen and mouse control. You can send your shipping address and the payment method to sales@dvdgpsnav.com, so we can send you an invoice and help to place an order for you.

  43. Hi so I’ve tried to email you with pics of my dashboard but it is saying email is invalid.
    I have a 2012 lexus ct200h. Is there another way I can send pics to see if my car is compatible with the head unit

    1. Hi, this unit is compatible with your car, I just sent you an email, please let me know if you receive it.

  44. I’m assuming you lose the screen flip down mode if you have a CT200H with the fold down screen correct? Mine is the 2012 with factory Nav and mouse control.

    1. Our unit replaces your factory small screen with new 10.25″ Android screen, you can also see old menus on our new screen. As our screen is large 10.25″, so it can not fold down.

  45. I’m reading your web page and just want to double check which product will be suitable. I have the 2011 Lexus ct200h with pop up display that is worked with the mouse. I would like to retain this function and also all the steering wheel controls, I would also like to have my Samsung sync to the head unit without messy cables again.

    Could you kindly advise which product would suit.


    1. Our 10.25″ Android head unit fits and works for your 2011 Lexus ct200h with pop up display and mouse.
      It supports all your factory functions including factory menus, mouse control, steering wheel control, radio/cd system and others.
      You can choose Android Auto option to connect your Android phone, for wired one it’s US$50, for wireless Android Auto it’s US$80.
      If you have any other questions, just feel free to contact us.

    1. You need to send us your dash photo showing us your factory screen and mouse control, so we can send you the correct price.

  46. I brought my 2014 Lexus CT200H into a Lexus dealer today. The infotainment system is rebooting about every 10 seconds. They said I needed to replace the system. $5000 CDN for OEM or $1500 CDN for after-market. I live near Ottawa Ontario. Can I order your system to be shipped to Canada? What would the cost in Canadian be including brokerage, duty, and taxes? And how difficult is it to unplug to old unit and re-install yours?

    Thank you,

    Dale Powell

    1. Hi, you can replace your factory screen with this new aftermarket 10.25″ Android screen. We can ship to Canada, installation is plug and play. You can send a dash photo to us via email so we can send you a quote.

  47. Hello,
    I am intereseted in the aftermarket screen found at: https://www.dvdgpsnav.com/blog/10-25-touch-screen-lexus-ct200h-android-head-unit-gps-stereo-upgrade/

    I have a 2012 CT200h with just the flip up compartment and no mouse.
    I have a few questions:

    Will I need to do any cutting to the dash since I have the flip compartment?
    Does the reverse camera work on both the mirror and the screen at the same time?
    Do you know what kind of time and effort install takes so that I can properly assess the cost for a mechanic to do this?
    Where does this come from and what warranties or guarantees are there on this unit?

    Thank you

    1. Hello, you don’t need to cut the dash if your ct200h has the flip compartment.
      Our unit has RCA connector to connect aftermarket reverse camera. It also supports factory reverse camera. If you connect your reverse camera with your mirror screen, it can not display on our screen at the same time.
      Our technician can install this unit in about an hour.
      This unit comes with 2 years warranty, it’s made from our factory in China.

  48. Please note that Im prefering the 10.25″ head unit here.

    Does the rear camera input shows trajectory lines in the new 1o.25″ screen as the previous screen?

    How do I turn the volume up n down in the android unit?
    (Can I use the stock radio’s volume up and down button to control the new android 10.25″ unit?)

    (The stock radio is the one located in the central console, it will be still there right?)


    1. Your factory rear camera can work the same as before after installation of our new 10.25″ Android head unit. You can adjust volume in the android unit from your stock radio’s volume up and down button. All factory functions work the same as before.

  49. Hello, I have a 2012 Lexus CT200H with a mouse, navigation screen, and the premium sound system (10 speakers and the sub-woofer in the trunk).
    1. Will this stereo be able to power all of the speakers?
    2. Is Android 7.1 the latest OS available?
    3. Are there any updates available for the stereo?
    4. Will I be able to plug the factory back-up camera to the stereo?
    5. Do I have to open an app to use the backup camera or is it automatic when going in reverse?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello, I’ll answer all your questions one by one.

      1. Yes, as our unit transfers the sound to your car speakers through your aux mode, so all speakers will work the same as before after installation of our new unit.
      2. Android 7.1 is the latest stable and fast system.
      3. Currently update is not available.
      4. Yes, your factory back up camera still works, our unit supports both factory camera and aftermarket camera.
      5. You don’t need to open any app for the back up camera, it will automatically work and the screen will automatically switch to back up video after you put in reverse gear.

      If you have any other questions, just feel free to contact us.

  50. I have a 2012 ct200h f sport with the motorized navigation screen is this all plug an play? Does it still
    Work with the Oem camera ?

        1. You can send a dash photo for us to check further, so we can confirm if this ct200h Android head unit fits your 2015 Lexus ct200h.

  51. Good Morning,

    I am interested in purchasing the 10.25” Lexus Ct200h Android Head Unit, with Apple CarPlay compatibility. I have a 2012 Lexus CT200H with the original small display on the dash. I was wondering if you sold this with a new back up camera included in a package. If so, what is the cost? I was also wondering if this sort of device could be provided to installers somewhere to save myself the hassle of installing it myself. Do you know who I would contact for installation?

    Please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. This unit fits your 2012 Lexus CT200h with original small screen on the dash. The unit price is US$620.
      Apple Carplay is optional, it costs extra US$50.
      Rear view camera for Lexus CT200h:
      The camera is US$23.

      Installation is not difficult for a mechanic, you can try to find one near your area. Besides, if your installer has any questions while installing, just feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help you.

      If you have any other questions, just feel free to contact us.

  52. I would like to buy the 10.25″ Head Unit for my 2017 Lexus CT200H. It has the built-in Nav Screen – that does not move. Is this still available?

  53. I have 2016 Lexus CT200h, with navigation, backup camera, joystick control (remote?), etc.

    I’m very unhappy with the Lexus system, and would like to upgrade to your replacement head unit. What model do you suggest?

    I’m also concerned that my current system be able to use the “Lexus Remote”. Will the current functions be retained?


    1. This 10.25″ Android screen head unit fits your 2016 Lexus ct200h.

      It keeps all factory functions working including radio/CD/backup camera system, and your joystick still works, our unit just replaces the factory small screen and add a new Android system with more features.

  54. I purchased this unit for my 2012 ct200h F Sport model without any factory installed Nav unit. My car had a place holder for the Nav, so after struggling to remove it I was able to make this unit fit. The only issue I’m having right now is the wiring harness that comes with the head unit has no way to plugin into the factory stereo in the car. They are troubleshooting that now.
    I can say for sure that their support has been great with all of my questions and queries!

  55. I have a ct200h basic model. On my dash there is flip up compartment. Can the flip up compartment be replace with this deck??

        1. Our Android head unit for Lexus ct200h keeps factory functions working, so you won’t lose access to the 12V power source inside the compartment after installation of our new Android head unit.

          1. Hello,

            I have similar question. My CT is base option. It come only flip compartment and no mouse. May i install this head unit come with mouse? However, m not sure if original information cable is pre-install from the factory to use with this head unit? Do i need to do or add more cable?

            How is infortainment system? Does it show the same as model which has come original Nav such as Aircon, Trip infor ….. etc.?


          2. Our 10.25″ ct200h base model is compatible with your car, all necessary cables are included in the package. As your Lexus ct200h does not have factory screen, so our unit does not show the factory screen menu information.

  56. Hello, I’m interested in the system. I have a 2012 CT200h and I have already the navigation screen. Is this compatible with apple carplay or only droid?

    1. Thanks for your interest. Yes, this 10.25 inch Android screen is compatible with your 2012 CT200h with navigation screen at top. Apple Carplay is just optional which costs extra US$50.

        1. Hi, remote control is not available anymore, because rare people uses remote control for an aftermarket Android head unit nowadays. However, you can control this 10.25″ Android screen through touch screen with your finger or original factory controls.

        2. I have a 2013 ct200h with a built in factory Nav display not the foldable one and the remote is not a rotatory or mouse type, its a button option on the instrumental panel. Will i be able to install this on the car. Also, do you ship it to Ireland.

          1. Hello, yes, your 2013 ct200h can install this 10.25″ Android head unit. We can ship to Ireland.

    1. All car information can still display on this new 10.25″ screen, because it does not affect factory functions, you can switch between old menus and new android menus.

    1. Yes, it works, but we have different units for Lexus ct200h with different dashboard, some are with top screen, some are not, and some are with mouse control, so we need to check all these information then we can know which model is the correct for your car.

      1. I have Lexus CT200H 2012 with Flip Up Navigation Screen inside Dashboard. Which of the models you sell will work for this type of Vehicle?

          1. Do you have a list of all the functionality for this headunit? Myself and many others are very interested in this unit but there is not any information about what is lost/gained by installing this. And what the software setup instructions are. Just need more information to purchase. The Headunit looks great!

          2. All factory functions keep working after installation, including car information, factory controls, etc. It adds another Android system which brings you music/video playing, WiFi, GPS navigation, Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth music, a large 10.25″ touch screen, Apple Carplay optional, and it can supports original rear view camera or aftermarket rear camera.

  57. How to order this unit? I searched your official website, but could not find this unit to order. Two search results showed up hen type in “lexus” in search area. One is for backup camera and the other is for an in-dash version for $330. Could you post this unit’s URL link here for us to order? Thank you.

    1. We have agreements with other customers that the 10.25″ model can not be sold on our site directly, so we don’t list it on our site, however, if you want to order you can also contact us, we can help to place an order for you, just send us the shipping address, so we can calculate the total cost for you.

  58. HI!

    My car is exactly like the two last photos shown, Will Fit?
    Also, Is CarPlay compatible?
    How can I buy? any e-shop?

    Best regards

          1. You can find a mechanic to do it for you, if he has experience installing an aftermarket head unit before, he should be able to install this unit as well. Besides, if you or your installer has any questions while installing, we can also provide online support.

  59. If you have a model that doesn’t have the screen already built in from the factory, can you still use this?

    1. If your Lexus ct200h doesn’t have original screen at top, you can also install this 10.25″ Android head unit for ct200h, but you will need to cut a hole at top dashboard by following the guide drawing paper to place the 10.25″ wide screen.

      1. Hello sir I have a lexus ct200h advance 2013.
        I would like to fit the system or buy it and can be fitted for me. Somewhere else I am based in London please respond my email so I can’t send you photos to see wich unit I may need.

      2. Hi sir, can i get/download the cutting template module from somewhere? i purchased the module for my lower trim 2012 model ct200h without the screen on dashboard.. i need to cut my dashboard as you recommended but i didint get the paper template/module.. can you please help me

        1. I searched your name and email but did not find your order with us. Our template module is special for our unit, we don’t sell it separately.

  60. I am interested in your aftermarket 10.25″ Android Head Unit GPS Stereo Upgrade.

    I just have one question. Does this aftermarket 10.25″ version fold down like the original one?

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