Lexus NX Radio Upgrade Screen Replacement Android Head Unit

As we all know, the original screen display from Lexus NX is small and not modern looking, so here comes Lexus NX radio upgrade with a 10.3 inch wide screen Android head unit which is an outstanding replacement for OEM screen.

The new 10.25″ wide screen is a HD IPS screen which supports touch screen, but still, you can use original mouse or touch pad to control the Android screen and OEM menus.

Latest Lexus NX radio upgrade with Android 13 operation system, 64GB ROM(128GB optional), 8GB RAM, 1920×720 screen resolution now, it’s capable to download and install latest Android apps online.

Lexus NX screen upgrade 10.3

2014-2017 Lexus NX Screen Upgrade

There are 2 models available, the first model is for 2014-2017 year model Lexus NX 200, 200t, Lexus NX 300, NX300h.

This 10.25″ Android screen replacement works with both original 7 inch and 10.25″ screen Lexus NX. The screen resolution is different for factory 7 inch and 10.3 inch screen. So the software is different, please tell us your screen size or send a original screen picture for us to check, so we can send you the correct software installed in the unit for your car.

Lexus NX screen replacement

The above picture shows the 2014-2017 Lexus NX 10.25 Android screen replacement.

2018-2022 Lexus NX Stereo Upgrade

The second model is for a 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 year model Lexus NX 200t, Lexus NX300h. The frame is a little different with the older head unit.

You can check it as following.

Lexus NX Android screen head unit for 2018-2022 model

Both head units have the same functionality, same interface, same Android 13 system. Both support original Lexus functions working, including steering wheel control, air conditioning system, knob and touch pad control, etc.

If you can not make sure which android screen fits your Lexus NX200t or 300h, just send us your car model, year and a dash photo for us to check for you. We will check customer’s car information before we process the order, so our customer can get the suitable unit for their car.

What can this 10.25″ Lexus NX Android Screen do for you?

This is basically another Android screen monitor with touch screen functionally that allows all OEM functions and menus plus the added features on new menu plus updated looking GUI on the maps and navigation.

  1. OEM screen replacement

    Firstly it’s just a OEM screen replacement. It does not change or replace the factory radio and CD system. Therefore all your original functions keep working after installation, including parking sensors, back up camera, steering wheel control buttons, radio, CD player, Bluetooth and so on.

    If your Lexus NX 200t or 300h does not come with OEM back up camera, never mind, you can install an aftermarket HD backup camera which is also compatible and has RCA video input for the camera.

  2. 10.25 inch wide screen upgrade

    Secondly, it’s a 10.25 inch wide screen upgrade. The screen is sharp and clear, HD 1920*720 resolution, it supports HD 1080P and 4K videos, so playing HD movies in the car for your passengers to watch while driving is easy now. You can play the videos through USB flash drive, or just copy into the internal storage of the Android head unit to play via video app.

  3. Android system based head unit

    Thirdly, it’s an Android head unit, so you can download and install any compatible Android apps online like Waze, Youtube, Facebook, Gmail, and so on.

    What’s more, the built-in navigation system from this 10.25″ Lexus NX Android head unit supports Android GPS maps like Google maps, Sygic maps, IGO maps. If you purchased from, the Sygic or IGO maps will be installed for free to use, and maps update is also free when available in the future.

  4. It supports wireless Apple carplay and Android auto

    If you want to upgrade the OEM radio system with Apple carplay with your iPhone or Android auto with your Android phone, this 10.25″ wide screen upgrade is your best choice. Not only it offers a large and HD screen(better than the oem screen), it also has Apple carplay/Android auto integrated. It’s easy to use Apple carplay, just connect your phone via Bluetooth, so it will automatically connect carplay feature.

  5. It supports original and aftermarket camera system

    Does your Lexus nx300h have an original backup camera? Don’t worry, it supports your original backup camera working on the new screen. If not, you can also add an aftermarket HD backup camera which is also compatible.

    If your Lexus NX has original 360 camera system, you can add our 360 camera adapter box to support your original 360.


You can check this 10.25″ Android head unit for Lexus NX 200t 300h after installed in the car via below video.

Features and Specifications

  • Latest Android 13 OS
  • Octa-Core high speed Cortex-A53 CPU processor 2.0 GHz, AdrenoTM 506 GPU
  • 64GB internal memory hard disk(128GB optional)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2K IPS 10.25″ touch screen, super HD 1920*720 resolution
  • Retain all factory features: Steering wheel control, parking sensors, dynamic parking guide lines, back up camera and more.
  • Support music, video, AV, DVR
  • Bluetooth 4.0, support hands free phone and stream music, v2.1 + EDR, v4.2 Low Energy (LE)
  • Support 1080P @60fps HD videos playing
  • Voice control 4.0
  • USB port supports music and video playing
  • Built-in WIFI, support hotspot connection
  • Support factory 360 panorama cameras if your car has it.(360 control box optional)
  • Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto built-in

Lexus NX200t 300h Apple Carplay

How To Buy Lexus NX 200t 300h Radio Upgrade Android Head unit?

  • Please send a clear dashboard picture from your Lexus NX 200t or 300h to, including factory screen at top dashboard, and your Touchpad, knob, or Jog, the exact car model, manufacture year. So we can know which model is suitable for your car. So necessary car information we need to check including:
    1. car model, manufacture year
    2. dashboard picture with factory screen
    3. picture from the position of your touchpad, knob or jog.
  • We will reply and send you the compatible Android screen aftermarket navigation unit for your Lexus NX, including the price, if you tell us the shipping address we can also calculate the shipping cost for you. We ship worldwide. For group buy we offer special discount. If you take a video and send to us while installing, we can give you 20USD bonus.
  • Ready to order? You can shop here: , email order is also available.

How to install Lexus NX 10.3 inch Screen Upgrade?

Installation is easy, you don’t need to modify wires, firstly you need to detach the front panel and trims, then remove screws to remove the factory small screen, then detach the center console for the air conditioning system and control panel.

You can check this video on how to remove the factory Lexus NX screen & radio.

After you remove the factory Lexus NX screen and take out the radio, you can easily connect new cables and plugs, all plugs are different with different pins and shape, so you won’t get wrong.

In order to install the new 10.3″ touch screen Android head unit, you can also check and download the whole installation manual as below.

Installation instructions of Lexus NX200t NX300h Radio Upgrade Android 10.25″ Touch Screen

Got a question? Contact us via email, or leave a comment below.

126 thoughts on “Lexus NX Radio Upgrade Screen Replacement Android Head Unit

  1. Aloha,
    i am a military personnel stationed here at Yokota Air Base. I am purchasing a 2014 Lexus NX 200T F, Right hand drive. Will your upgrade Android work with Japan audio system? I am looking to hook up my cell phone to use Maps and other Bluetooth functions.

  2. I have a 2020 Lexus NX300. It is the early 2020 model which is like the 2019 model (wired carplay, no Android Auto). It has a 360 camera. Will everything work?

    The OEM unit has a clock that syncs with the clock on the dashboard as well as the analog clock near the AC vents. Will this unit also sync the clocks?

    1. Our unit does not change or replace the factory functions, your original system and clock can work the same as before. You need to add a 360 camera adapter box to support factory 360 camera system.

  3. I’m interested in learning more about Radio Upgrade Android Head Unit for my 2017 Lexus NX 200t vehicle.
    My goal is to have easy access to Android functionality (primarily Google Maps and Spotify) on my new main car screen but still maintain ALL of the existing OEM functionality as the stock Lexus radio head. Is that possible?

    1. Yes. Our Lexus NX Android head unit maintains all of the existing OEM funtionality, you are able to use Google maps and Spotify and other Android apps with the new head unit.

  4. My 2017 Lexus NX 200t f sport with rear cam /navigation and mouse pad is stock on a rebooting loop. My other option is to replace the whole oem but I rather get something better.
    Will this work? Technically I’m replacing your system with my oem system rt?

    1. Please note our 10.25″ Lexus NX android screen unit keeps all your factory functions working, it just replaces your factory screen.

  5. I just purchased a 2017 NX 200t with navigation and touchpad.

    I want to upgrade the infotainment system to include apple car play, Dvr.

    I already have the 4 tire pressure sensors, so will they still work with your system?

  6. I have an 2016 NX200t with touchpad control. Would love to upgrade from the current unit since I use Android phones and the only kind of connection available now is Apple.

  7. Can you please send me a price for one of these screens for my 2015 NX 300h with a touchpad controller? I really want AirPlay. I need shipping to Toronto.

  8. I am interested in purchasing this for my 2017 Lexus NX 200T
    I have a few questions

    Does this kit come complete with wire harness and all mounting hardware
    Will this screen upgrade will it accept software updates if necessary
    Looks like a great product and nice upgrade to the factory set up
    Also purchasing lead time?

    1. Yes, all necessary parts, cables, wiring are included in the package.
      It can accept software update if software update is necessary.
      The processing time for an order is about 3 business days including producing, aging and testing before shipping, and the shipping time is about 3-5 days by fedex/dhl/ups to major destinations.

  9. i have a Lexus NX 300h 12/2015.
    I’d like to know about the price for the right Upgrade Android Head unit. I have a question about the original car info…

    does the android unit support the original hybrid sistem info?
    Thank you

    1. Yes, our android head unit supports all your factory functions including the original hybird system info.

  10. Great head unit working just fine in my Lexus nx300h.
    Also i received free download of maps for Igo navigation.
    Thanks for your support!

    1. Wireless carplay is optional. In order to send you the correct price, please send a dashboard picture for us to check for you, please show if your car has a knob or a touch pad control.

  11. I’m in the US and I have a 2016 NX200t with navigation (touchpad). I’ve seen videos and photos that show speed and temperature in km/h and Celsius. Is there an option to change them to mph and Fahrenheit?

  12. Hi I have a 2021 Lexus NX 300h and it has the mouse pad will this work for my car and also how much is it? thank you!

  13. Hi,

    I have a 2015 Lexus nx200t.

    Does your solution allow use of the inbuilt USB ports in the centre console to connect a phone? Does it support connection/charging up to 2 amps current draw?

    Does your solution still utilise the car’s microphone for phone calls and speech recognition? Can speech recognition be configured to use Google voice/assistant when using an Android ohone?

    Does your system allow separate volume controls/levels for music and notifications when using Android?


    1. Please note our unit keeps all factory functions working the same as before.It does not change or replace any factory functions. If your bluetooth can not connect a phone, after installation it would be the same as before. 
      However, you can connect our bluetooth, so you can pair your phone for bluetooth phone and bluetooth music. And our USB cable can charge your phone.
      Your bluetooth and mic will work the same as before.
      Sound volume settings are the same for all modes.

  14. Hi there,

    I have a 2016 Lexus NX 300h F-Sport and would like to inquire about the cost of the 10.25 Android screen upgrade.

    My vehicle details are:

    Lexus NX300h
    Registration WV16 RSZ
    Manufacture in 2016
    It has a touchpad control
    I want Apple Car Play (is this an additional costs)
    I’m from the UK


    1. Yes, it’s still available. Does your Lexus NX 200t have a knob controller or a touch pad controller? Price is different for different control.

  15. My car is Lexus NX300h Sport 2015 (Australia Right hand drive) and has the touch pad, 360° camera, mark levinson sound, premium navigation.

    I would like to double-check if your wide screen replacement perfectly work with the mark levinson sound system and 360° camera?

    I also want Carplay integrated model.

    Who would be best to ask for the installation? (I am not confident to do it by myself)
    Car audio shop, car electrician or car smash repairer? I live in Cairns Australia.

    1. If your Lexus nx 300h has factory 360 cameras, you can add a 360 control box to support it, 360 control box and apple carplay are optional. Our Lexus NX android head unit perfectly work with your mark levinson sound system. Any car mechanic should be able to install this head unit, as it’s just plug and play for installation. Besides, if you or your installer has any questions while installing, we can provide online support.

  16. Lexus NX300h Executive 2015, touch pad, camera 360, mark levinson sound, premium navigation
    left hand drive
    what will the price be

  17. Hola,

    Tengo un NX300h Luxury del año 2015, con touch pad, camara 360, sonido mark levinson, navegación premium, etc, cuanto me costaria poner la pantalla de 10,25 ”con carplay? Me funcionaría todo como hasta ahora? Funcionaria con el GPS del coche o con el gps propio o con los dos? Pierdo alguna función? ¿Puedo ver la pantalla dividida en tres funciones? Si me pueden mandar algun video se lo agradezco.

    Espero su respuesta gracias

    1. French language can be set in settings, English is by default. GPS can be used in Europe, we will install Europe maps for you if you are from Europe.

  18. Hello,
    I have a 2015 NX F sport with factory navigation, a head-up display, no 360 camera, and no Mark Levinson audio. Could you please confirm that this unit will work and will keep all OEM functions. Should I pay import taxes upon receiving in EU ( Netherlands ) or they are included in your price? Could you please specify the delivery time and price?
    Thank you

    1. Yes, i confirm this unit works with your 2015 Lexus NX F sport, it keeps all OEM functions working after installation. We don’t add any taxes, or customs duties, it’s beyond our control, and customs duties are random. The price is different for NX with different controls, does your Lexus NX have a knob control or a touch pad control?

  19. I have a 2017 Lexus NX 200t with touch pad.
    Do you still have units available for sale?
    Can this units be upgraded to newer software? or only the apps installed can be upgraded?
    Do they offer wireless android auto if used with an android phone that supports wireless android auto?
    how can I order and that is the price?

    1. Yes, it’s available. It can install other android apps from google playstore. Apple carplay/Android auto is optional, android phone does not support wireless connection. As for the price, i sent to you in your email.

        1. For Android auto, the answer is yes. For bluetooth phone and bluetooth music, you don’t need to connect any cables, it’s wireless.

  20. Hi. I am interested to NX300H version and I’ll send you picture for right choose.
    1. is it possible to wirelessly use android auto?
    2. Can I read the messages (eg: whatsapp) that arrive on my phone on the screen?
    3. while using the navigator (eg: waze, maps etc …) can I listen to the radio?
    4. Is there a module for DAB radio?

    1. For android auto, it can only be wired, not wireless, apple carplay can be wireless, but wireless carplay is not as stable as the wired one.
      If you choose the Android auto option as well, you can read whatsapp messages on the screen.
      While using navigation, you can also listen to the radio or cd.
      Our unit keeps your factory radio working, we have DAB radio available, it’s optional.

      1. Hi I ‘ve got 2015 Nx300h UK model and just wondering if you still can supply screen upgrade and CarPlay for this car.What would be the price for whole set Thx

        1. Yes, it’s still available and it fits your 2015 Lexus NX300h right hand drive model. The price is different for different dashboards, does your NX300h have a knob control or a mouse control?

  21. Was hoping you could assist me- stumbled on a blog post of yours and was wondering if you can sell me a replacement screen for my cars display. It seems the protective coating has melted, or been worn down and looks scratched. I have a 2015 Lexus NX 200t. Standard model screen.

    Would appreciate any insight!

      1. I own a US version 2017 Lexus NX 200T F Sport with navigation please send me price to replace my 7 inch display with your 10.25.

    1. If you need, you can send us your shipping address and the payment method, so we can send you an invoice and place an order for you.

  22. I just purchased a 2017 NX 200t and want to upgrade the infotainment system to include apple car play or Android. I am in New Jersey. If I purchase this item do you know of any installers in New Jersey I can go to?

    1. This 10.25″ Android screen fits and works for your 2017 Lexus NX 200t. Installation is easy, it’s plug and play, you can check installation manual via this link:!Am8pv4kpOz8zmVjYeXIZ4QZlIddb
      Besides, if you or your installer has any questions while installing, we can provide online support through facebook messenger or whatsapp.

  23. Hola,

    Tengo un NX300h Luxury del año 2015, con touch pad, camara 360, mark levinson sound, premium navigation, etc, cuanto me costaria poner la pantalla de 10,25” con carplay? Me funcionaría todo como hasta ahora? Funcionaria con el GPS del coche o con el gps propio o con los dos? Pierdo alguna función? Puedo ver la pantalla dividida en tres funciones? Si me pueden mandar algun video se lo agradezco.

    Espero su respuesta gracias

    1. Hola, this 10.25″ Android screen head unit fits your Lexus NX 300h 2015 year. It supports all your factory functions. As our unit keeps all factory functions working.

      Your factory GPS can still work, and our new unit also has GPS function built-in, and we will install our latest igo or sygic maps for you.

      The screen can be splitted into 2 screens. You can check the video show of this unit on this page. As for the price, we sent you an email, please check.

  24. hi, I would like to know if the 10.25 “monitor is compatible with 360 ° camera, Mark Levinson sounds system (maintains the same sound quality) and Head up display information on screen during the navi work.
    Best regards,

    1. It supports factory 360 camera system with a special 360 control box optional. The sound transfer to car speakers through your aux mode. Your car has factory head up display function?

  25. buongiorno, ho appena inviato mail con la descrizione della mia Lexus 300h – F Sport anno 2014.
    vorrei istallare anche una telecamera ANTERIORE (quella posteriore già istallata da fabbrica), su questi modelli esistono??

    1. Hello, this 10.25″ Lexus NX Android screen head unit supports your factory rear view camera, and it also supports aftermarket rear camera and front DVR camera which are optional.

  26. Does this updated version address the issues with the phone audio? I’ve read on the lexus forums that this head unit uses a mic built in rather than the overhead mic when using blue tooth audio on an IOS device.

  27. HI , I am interested in this.

    Kindly advice is it easy to install for NX300h 2016 Australia model.


  28. Can i use this screen with not affecting the Safety systems ? and can i use it with my iphone 10 without a cable and wireless?

    1. This 10.25″ Android screen will not affect your safety systems, it keeps all factory functions working after installation. You can pair with your iphone wireless for bluetooth phone and bluetooth streaming music. Wireless Apple Carplay is also available, but most customers chose the wired Apple Carplay connecting via USB cable.

    1. You can upgrade the factory screen with our new 10.25″ Android screen with navigation function built-in, so it supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto, and we will install igo maps for Europe for free.

    1. Hi
      I have a 2017 NX 200t (right hand drive) with 360deg camera, heads up display and also the Mark Levingston stereo upgrade from factory that has 14 speakers not the standard 10. Will your unit support the factory upgraded stereo unit, heads up display and 360 camera.

      1. Our unit does not change or replace factory functions, just replace the factory screen, and keeps all factory functions working, and the sound transfers from our unit to car speakers through your car’s aux mode.

        In order to support the factory Lexus NX 360 camera system, you need to choose our 360 camera option.

  29. Will this work with the existing HUD (Heads up Display) which gives navigation prompts and speed etc… projected onto the windscreen?

    1. The price is different for different dashboards and factory mouse controls. So can you please send a dashboard picture from your 2018 nx300 for us to check further? Including the factory screen and mouse control.

      So that i can send you the correct price. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, we received your dashboard photo, this 10.25″ Android screen also fits and works for your 2020 Lexus NX300 with factory 8″ infotainment system.

    2. Which compatible USB CarPlay device is needed for the 10.25“ upgrade for Lexus and where can I buy it?

    1. Does your Lexus NX300h have touchpad control or mouse? We need to check this because the price is different. So please send a dashboard photo for me to check further, thanks.

  30. Hi, I have a LexusNX200t 2016 without navigator system. I want to know if the product is compatible with this model. Thank you

  31. You said this 10.25 inch wide screen Android head unit supports CarPlay by using a proper USB CarPlay device. Can you list an example compatible USB CarPlay device? CarPlay is what I’m really interested in for my 2016 NX200t.

    1. Yes, it supports Apple Carplay, which is a USB device and uses USB cable to connect your iPhone and the Android screen. We just sent you an email with the Carplay information.

      1. Hi,
        I have a 2016 nx fsport with the premium sat nav installed, touch pad controller.
        Can you email the details and price please.

        1. I have a nx300h 2015 (65 plate) If I upgraded to this, would I be able to change all the speakers and add a sub and amplifier to this head unit?

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