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Backup Cameras

Car back up cameras are video cameras which mount on the rear of your car and enable you to reverse more safely. In this category, you'll find all kinds of backup cameras for different cars available, including universal backup camera, and customized rear view camera for specific vehicle. So far as we know, the wired camera is more stable than the wireless backup camera, so we suggest you installing a wired backup camera in your car. All our backup cameras have night vision and waterproof.

How to Install backup camera?

a. Take out your stock license plate light at the back of your car.
b. Fix the camera to where the stock license plate light was.
c. Connect the built-in license plate light of the camera to where the stock license plate light was connected to get the power
d. Connect the power of the camera to your?Reverse lights - red wire to positive and black wire to negative.
e. Connect the video cable of the camera to the extension cord.
f. Connect the extension cord to your car monitor.
g. You will see the images when your car is in reverse shift.

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17-32 of 46