Mercedes Benz GLK X204 Android Head Unit GLK Screen Upgrade GPS Navigation System

Mercedes Benz GLK X204 Android Head Unit GLK Screen Upgrade GPS Navigation System

Item #:CG-8809A

Regular Price: $600.00

Special Price $415.90

Regular Price: $600.00

Special Price $415.90

This Android head unit is special for Mercedes GLK Class X204 screen upgrade, including Mercedes GLK 280, CLK 300, CLK 350, GLK 200, GLK 220, GLK 250, GLK 320.

Mercedes GLK Android Screen was upgraded with laterst Android 9 system, Octa-Core CPU, 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM now.

We will install our latest igo or sygic maps for you, besides, gps maps update is also free from us in the future.

Mercedes GLK Android Screen Installation Instructions

Product Details

Android Mercedes Benz GLK X204 GPS Navigation Multimedia System Android Head Unit Bluetooth WiFi USB Touch Screen

This Android head unit is special for Mercedes Benz GLK-Class X204, including GLK 280, CLK 300, CLK 350, GLK 200, GLK 220, GLK 250, GLK 320. You can upgrade GLK screen with this new Android screen, keeping the factory function working after installation.

GLK Android screen

Based on Android system, this Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 navigation Android head unit has lots of features like GPS navigation system, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, SD, Mirror-link, music and video playing, supporting touch screen, supporting steering wheel controls, supporting reversing camera video input and so on. Mercedes-Benz GLK screen upgrade is with powerful configuration including Octa-Core 1.5GHz A53 CPU processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 1024*600 HD capacitive screen, which make this head unit works smoothly and fastly.

 Mercedes GLK Android head unit

For different years of Mercedes Benz GLK X204 models, the LVDS plug behind the factory screen may be different.

So you'd better send us your car model, manufacture year and a dashboard picture from your GLK for us to check for you. Besides, please tell us if your car has AUX function or not, factory AUX function is important, because the sound transfers from this GLK Android head unit to your car speakers through AUX mode, if your car does not have AUX, you will need to add a small amplifier option to get sound.

The below picture shows you new theme of theUI. There are 2 themes available, you can set it in factory settings.

GLK Android

  • Android 9 OS
  • High speed Octa-Core 1.5GHz CPU processor
  • 4GB DDR3 high speed RAM
  • 32GB eMMC Flash, ROM 32GB
  • 7 inch HD capacitive screen
  • 1024*600 resolution
  • Support touch screen
  • Keep factory GLK radio and CD player working after installation
  • External one din DVD player optional
  • Support steering wheel controls
  • Built-in GPS navigation system
  • With Android igo or sygic GPS maps installed for free
  • Support both 2D and 3D GPS maps
  • Bluetooth hands free phone calls function
  • Support Bluetooth streaming music for both iPhone and Android phone
  • Support top quality music and HD video playing
  • Support HD 1080P videos
  • With USB connections
  • Built-in WiFi module, with external WiFi antenna
  • Support mirror-link function
  • Apple Carplay optional
  • User manual instructions already installed in the unit

Our Mercedes GLK Android head unit comes with touch screen unit and another main unit which is separate from the screen, so the screen will not get so hot for a long time use.

GLK carplay android auto

glk 350 android screen

Warranty 2 Years

Customer Reviews

Review by Espen
Hi, I am about to order this to replace a damaged screen in my car. I live in Norway, does it come with Norwegian maps? Are there any language options on it?

>> DVDGPSNAV: If you are from Norway, we will install Europe maps for you, language can be set in settings, default is English. (Posted on 9/10/2020)
Review by Patrick
I replaced my stock screen with this one because it has apple carplay and android system. The new android screen for my mercedes glk looks great, it also supports my factory reverse camera, support from dvdgpsnav is fantastic! (Posted on 6/16/2020)
Review by George
This morning i've received Mercedes GLK Android system for my car and I'm very happy: all works fine and It's very beautiful and fast!That's great! (Posted on 9/10/2019)
Review by armin genorio

I am intersted about this multimedia system. I have only on more qusteion. Where can I see ifa I have AUX function or not?

>> Hi, you can check if there's any aux port in the armrest or glove box, secondly, you can see if there's aux option from menus, for any other inquiries or questions, just feel free to contact us. (Posted on 8/14/2018)
Review by armin

I have GLK 2012 and I am interested about this gps system. I am wondering, do I need somethnig else or just instal what you send to me.
And of coure, I will ask you even you wrote on web side - support controls...- so I am really wondering if this really suport all controsl in glk car...

>> Hello, it will not affect factory functions, just replace factory screen, and add more features like GPS, so your factory functions still working after installation. (Posted on 5/16/2018)
Review by mfm heeneman
have it Europe maps
the car comes from Germany

>> We can send you European maps for free as a gift. (Posted on 2/26/2018)

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Questions and Answers

Q: Hi. I am also from Norway. My GLK has a 5 inch screen, do you send a new backpanel so the new bigger screen will fit? Mine Old audiosystem is called Audio20, (dont think its NTG4.0 or NTG4.5) will mine still fit to the new system? I have a Aux in glove compartment, but, when I use it with my IPhone it øs very low volume. I Have to turn all the way up on phone and volume in the car. The CD and radio sounds very well. Would you recomend a separate small amplifer? I belive its possible to connect a separate Dab+ adapter AS well with USB, right? Is there a slot or USB to connect an GSM card too? We have gsm net G4 and soon gsm G5 ready in norway. Kind regards Robert

Posted By: Robert

A: If your GLK has aux function, you need to use your aux to transfer the sound from our android screen to car speakers. If you want to use our small amplifier, you will also need to check if your GLK has a fiber optic amplifier or not, as the small amp will not work if your car has a fiber optic amp. This GLK android screen unit can connect a separate DAB+ via USB cable. And it has a 4G SIM card slot now. The new android screen comes with a frame included to fit your car.
Q: Rear camera is included!?

Posted By: LLmarku

A: Rear view camera is optional.
Q: Hi! I have Glk 220 4 matic December 2012( new look)!! This screen is right for my Glk?? I want carplay integrated! !?

Posted By: LLmarku

A: Apple Carplay is optional. You can send a dashboard picture from your 2012 GLK 200 for us to check for you.
Q: does this still use the command knob on the console to navigate the menus?

Posted By: frank l Finfrock

A: This GLK X204 Android head unit does not change your factory functions, so your command knob can work the same as before.
Q: As a second owner I have a 2011 GLK 350 tgn4, code 523 and the audio menu shows AUX. Nothing in glove compartment and no AVI between the 2 chairs. The dash of my car shows exactly as your first picture above "customer review". Can I add any backup/parking camera?

Posted By: Ronny Geenen

A: If your unit is aftermarket Android head unit, you can connect it with a back up camera.
Q: Is this Android GLK head unit fits my 2010 GLK 350, and yes it had working aux port in the glove box. Thanks

Posted By: Hoang Tran

A: You can send a dash photo for me to check, so we can confirm if our unit fits your car. Please also show us your aux menu on screen and your aux port in the armrest or glove box. Our email is
Q: Is this unit fit in my 2010 Mercedes GLK350

Posted By: Hoang Tran

A: Yes, this Android head unit fits your 2010 Mercedes GLK350, please confirm if your car has working aux function.
Q: Hi, I live in Norway and we have here digital radio system DAB+. Does it support this function? Greetings

Posted By: Sylwester Kordalski

A: This unit supports and uses factory radio function. So if your factory radio is DAB+, it works the same as before after installation of our new Android head unit.
Q: Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich interessiere mich für den Android Mercedes-Benz GPS-Navigationssystem GLK X204 Multimedia-Kopfeinheit Bluetooth WiFi USB-Touchscreen Artikelnr .: CG-8809A und möchte ihnen folgende Daten überbringen. Mein Auto ist vom Baujahr 09/2013. Wo lade ich ihnen die Fotos hoch, damit sie sehen können ist dieses Teil zu meinen Auto passt? Mit freundlichen Grüßen Christof Braungart-Zink

Posted By: Braungart-Zink, Christof

A: Hello, thanks for your interest, our email address is, you can send dashboard photos to us so that we can check and confirm if this GLK Android head unit is compatible with your car.
Q: Looking at this for a 2010 glk 350. Has the 5” screen. Is this a plug and play screen replacement? Thanks. Not sure if it has aux function. Don’t own the vehicle yet. Trying to upload a pic but can’t seam too.

Posted By: Shane Da Costa

A: Hi, this Android GLK head unit fits your car, please try to confirm if there's aux port in the glove box or armrest, and please check if there's aux option from factory menus. Aux is important, because the sound transfers to car speakers through factory aux mode, if not with aux, you need to use our small amp to transfer the sound to 4 car door speakers, our small amp only supports 4 car door speakers.
Q: Looking at this for a 2010 glk 350. Has the 5” screen. Is this a plug and play screen replacement? Thanks.

Posted By: Shane Da Costa

A: Hi, please send a dashboard photo from your car for us to check further, and please confirm if your car has working aux function.

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