BMW X5 E53 Android Radio Aftermarket Navigation Android Head unit Support Apple Carplay

BMW X5 E53 Android Radio Aftermarket Navigation Android Head unit Support Apple Carplay

Item #:CG-8786A

Regular Price: $650.00

Special Price $358.00

Regular Price: $650.00

Special Price $358.00

This aftermarket navigation Android head unit fits perfectly BMW X5 E53 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 year, supporting steering wheel controls and back up camera video displaying, built-in Apple carplay device is optional.

Latest Upgrade with Android 10 system now

1.5GHz 8-Cores CPU
1024*600 HD 7" capacitive screen

FREE Gift: We will install our latest igo or Sygic GPS maps for you, available worldwide! As low as US$299 now.

Installation instructions for BMW X5 E53 Navigation Head Unit

Product Details

BMW X5 E53 Android Radio Aftermarket Navigation Android Head unit Support Apple Carplay

This aftermarket navigation Android radio head unit is custom made for BMW X5 E53 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 year, supporting steering wheel controls and back up camera video displaying, supporting Bluetooth hands free phone calling function for both Android phones and iPhone, supporting 1080p HD videos, with Android navigation system supporting 2D/3D HD maps. Besides, this BMW X5 E53 Android radio can also fits BMW 5 series E39, because they are with the same dashboard and wiring harness.

Latest Version: This BMW X5 E53 Android radio navigation has been upgraded with Android 10 system now.

Why buy BMW X5 E53 Android Radio Head Unit From Us?

  • We offer the best quality Android radio for BMW X5 E53, including the external plastic frame and internal hardware. We're the first manucturer of aftermarket BMW X5 E53 Android radio supplier since 2009. Now upgrade with latest Android 10 system.
  • If you are a customer from DVDGPSNav, not only you will get awesome pre-sales service, but also excellent after-sales service. For any questions before you place an order or while installing, you can feel free to contact us. Rest assured about our service, and you can check reviews from our customers.
  • Latest Android 10 system, with Octa-Core 32GB+4GB RAM optional.
  • Shows BMW logo at startup, so it looks like original OEM unit and perfectly fits your car.
  • This BMW X5 E53 Android head unit supports steering wheel controls with a CAN-BUS decoder included in the box
  • This Android radio also supports aftermarket back up camera video input, DVR input
  • Support Carplay, built-in Apple carplay optional
  • A 6m long power cable will be sent to you for free if your car has a wide screen from original radio.
  • We will install our latest igo or Sygic Android navigation maps for your country.
  • Lifttime maps update is also free from


BMW X5 radio upgrade

Android BMW X5 E53 navigation

Main Features and Specifications:

  • Android 10 operation system
  • 1024*600 HD digital 7 inch capacitive screen
  • Multi touch screen operation
  • Built in Android GPS navigation system
  • Support 3D digital navigation maps
  • Bluetooth hands free phone calling function, support both Android phones and iPhone
  • Support Bluetooth streaming music, A2DP
  • With car DVD player, replacing factory BMW X5 E53 CD player
  • Allow to watch DVD videos while driving, you can set it on or off in settings
  • With FM/AM radio tuner, replacing factory BMW X5 E53 radio
  • With USB connection and USB cable
  • Two USB2.0 ports, one support OTG-USB
  • Compatible with external 1000GB Hard Disk via USB port
  • 2 TF card slots, one for media playing, one for GPS maps
  • 1080P HD video playing via TF Card or USB
  • Support steering wheel controls, can-bus included
  • Support back up camera video input, backup camera optional
  • Built in WiFi module, easy to connect internet in BMW X5 E53
  • Mirror-Link function built in, Easyconnect
  • Support DVR camera(optional), USB port
  • Built in 4*50W amplifier, EQ settings
  • 1.5GHz frequency high speed 8 cores
  • High speed DDR3 4GB RAM storage
  • 64GB high speed eMMC Flash, ROM 64GB
  • Low Leakage,high performance 28nm HKMG technology

Android BMW X5 E53 DVD player

android bmw x5 dvd gps


Installation Instructions:

For BMW X5 E53 with business CD and radio

If your BMW E53 X5 just comes with business CD and car radio(not with a 7" or 4.3" screen in the dash) and non DSP amplifier, installation is very easy, you will not need to modify wires whiling installing. However, if your car has DSP amplifier and without a large screen in the dash, our unit does not support your DSP amplifier, you will need to splice our 8 speaker wires to connect your 8 speaker wires for each car door speaker directly to get sound.

For BMW X5 E53 with a 7" or 4.3" screen in the dashboard

You will need to use our 6m long cable with both 17 round pins and 40 flat pins connectors to connect your 17 pins or 40 pins plug under the trunk. This Android E53 navigation can support your DSP amplifier(if your car has it) with 98% possibilities according to our experience before. You can run the long cable under the carpet along the door frames, remove the back seat to get access to the trunk, and hid the wires behind the cover panel in the trunk. This long cable is optional.

For more information about installation, you can check installation instructions here.

BMW X5 aftermarket radio installation

User manual can be seen in apps > instructions, it has already copied into the internal memory of this BMW X5 E53 Android radio head unit. You can also download the user manual here.

Warranty 2 Years

Customer Reviews

Review by Arvie
A must have for my BMW X5. Made a world of difference. Easy installation...includes steering control functionality. (Posted on 7/3/2021)
Review by 김향호
차대번호 WBAFA11004LT49608
추가배선 작업없이 오디오만 바꾸면 되나요.

>> DVDGPSNav Reply: Hello, your 2004 BMW x5 e53 has DSP amplifier? Please send an email to us( so we can reply you in time, this is the field for product reviews. (Posted on 3/17/2020)
Review by Clive Lloyd
DVDgpsnav have been most helpful in making sure that I ordered the correct radio for my car. I now have it installed and I am very pleased with its performance. Sarah in Sales did me proud. Thank you Sarah. (Posted on 1/31/2020)
Review by Tebza
I bought BMW X5 E53 Android Radio Aftermarket Navigation Android Head unit for my 2004 E53 from South Africa, i waited patiently for the unit to arrive and i'm happy with the Head Unit and the interface. (Posted on 11/25/2019)
Review by Ken
This BMW e53 Android radio feels like really good quality, boot up with BMW logo, works great for all! (Posted on 6/10/2019)
Review by alvaro
I purchased this Android head unit for BMW X5 2005 to replace my first Windows CE unit which was installed 5 years ago. The new Android head unit for X5 looks and works much better than the old unit, screen resolution, touch screen, interface, more functions including wifi, carplay, and new maps. Buetooth streaming works with my Apple phone, GPS is ready to use, you don't need anything extra for that, i'm very happy with it. (Posted on 5/16/2019)
Review by Jordan
I was looking for a more modern android radio with Carplay for my BMW e53, luckily i found this. It fits my e53 very well and i don't need any frame or cut wires of installation. UI is friendly to use, support touch screen and steering wheel control. Will i recommend to my friends? Absolutely yes. (Posted on 4/24/2019)
Review by Charles V.
Awesome features for a good price. This e53 android radio fits perfectly in my 2003 BMW X5 e53, it rums smoothly, screen is clear, and very good service from dvdgpsnav. (Posted on 3/7/2019)
Review by Adam
Outstanding radio for BMW X5 E53, navigation works well as well as Bluetooth and backup camera and steering wheel control, I really love it. (Posted on 3/4/2019)
Review by Laura
it's a good quality android radio and it got right in my BMW X5 2005 year, sounds good and looks great very easy to use. (Posted on 1/4/2019)
Review by Jason
I bought this to replace my old wince touch screen radio, this Android head unit is the best! Screen resolution is much better and it's more responsive. Now i can connect wi-fi for online music and videos, bluetooth streaming works perfectly but remember to click the A2DP app, well performing unit! (Posted on 10/16/2018)
Review by Jeff K.
I actually do not like the factory UI. it's very old, slow, and kind not modern looking, so i upgraded it with this Android unit. My car has a wide factory screen, so i used long cable which was included in the package, I have got some installation pictures from Sarah so that's not difficult to find the plug under the trunk. Everything looks great, GPS, BT, DVD and Wifi all work well, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality aftermarket nav unit. (Posted on 7/17/2017)
Review by Alan
Great android radio, installed it in a 2003 BMW X5, awesome features, image quality is better than 800*480 screen, the FM pickup is very good, bluetooth works well for audio sharing from your phone, have already installed igo maps, GPS works well in United States. (Posted on 4/25/2017)

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Questions and Answers

Q: I have a 2005 X5 that has an auxiliary heater built in & controlled through the original stereo. Will I still be able to use the heater with this replacement?

Posted By: Richard

A: I'm afraid not, as your factory stereo will be replaced with our new unit.
Q: I have a 2005 x5 4.8is with the dsp amp in the boot. Do you have the wire extension to run to the boot? Will it come with the product?

Posted By: jerry

A: If your BMW X5 E53 has a wide screen in the dash, we will send you a 6m extension cable to connect your plugs under the trunk for free.
Q: Hi there looking for one of your products. I have an 06 BMW X5 e53 with dsp and stock nav. It is a 40 pin on dsp. Also interested in a rear view camera and if available an obd plug in. Very keen on your product. Finally found something I want. Thanks looking forward to hearing from you. Neil

Posted By: Neil

A: You will need to use our 6m long cable to connect your 40 pins plugs under the trunk. You can measure the dimensions from your car license plate light to check if this camera fits your car: or this camera:
Q: My 2001 BMW X5 3.0 has original BMW 6 disc CD Charger in left side of cargo are, will work with this Android unit ?

Posted By: Johnny W

A: It does not support original cd changer, your cd player will be replaced with a new DVD player from this unit.
Q: I have a 2005 X5 with navigation wide screen. Does this come with the 6m cable to wire from the trunk? Also, does it use the factory DSP amp? What does it use from the origional bus system. The speakers in the car do not have crossovers and that comes from the DSP amp. Thank you!

Posted By: Steve Alford

A: If there's a wide screen from your dashboard, we will send you a 6m long cable to connect your plugs under the trunk. You can send us your car's VIN number for us to check, so we can check if our unit supports your DSP amp.
Q: Can this play cd's and is it capable of showing the X5's on board computer readings ? Thanks

Posted By: Anthony

A: It can play CD and DVD discs, but it does not show on board computer information on the new screen. If you have any other questions, just let us know.
Q: I am interested in purchasing a radio upgrade for my BMW x5 e53 2001. My vehicle is a fight steering and has the wide screen. DO you ship to the Caribbean?

Posted By: Nathaniel

A: This android radio upgrade fits your right hand drive BMW x5 e53 2001 year as well. We can ship to worldwide.
Q: Would like to verify if this will fit my 2005 X5 without additional wiring.

Posted By: Jeff Smith

A: Installation of this BMW X5 Android head unit has something to do with your dashboard and whether your car has DSP amplifier or not. Please send a dash photo for us to check for you, and please confirm if your car has DSP amp.
Q: I have an 01 x5 with small screen nav and dsp. My radio tuner in the trunk got wet. Will I need a new tuner for this kit to work, or does this bypass it?

Posted By: Matthew Powell

A: The factory radio will be replaced with new radio. But the radio antenna will need to connect with our radio adapter cable.
Q: Hello, I have a 2000 BMW 740 and I I would like to know which radio head unit would fit along with which rear camera. Thank you, Peter

Posted By: Peter Cura

A: Hello Peter, please send a dashboard photo from your 2000 BMW 740 for us to check further, so that we can send you the correct model for your car.
Q: Does this support Android Auto? And am I able to use waze for navigation with this unit?

Posted By: Jude

A: Apple Carplay USB device also supports Android Auto. You can also install Waze for navigation.
Q: i would like to replace my old sat nav and radio unit to a touch screen but my x5 is ten years old can i send you a photo to see if i can replace it

Posted By: Kevin

A: We have already received your car's dashboard photo and we confirm this unit fits and works for your BMW X5 E53.
Q: Will this fit my 2001 BMW 530i and also will I be able to install a rear view camera with this stereo and if so is it included?

Posted By: alvaro

A: Yes, this Android head unit fits your 2001 BMW 530i, supports a rear view camera which is optional:
Q: I just purchased a 2006 BMW X5, 3.0 here in the United States. What is the best replacement DVD/Navigation/Bluetooth setup to buy which will look great once installed and work?

Posted By: Jorge D

A: This is the best car radio replacement for BMW X5 E53, it's upgraded with latest Android 9.0 system now. And it has multiple functions including DVD player, navigation system, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, SD, Mirror-link, steering wheel control, camera video input, Apple Carplay optional.
Q: I have a 2006 X5 VRN : VU06KXC what will need to fit this system in myself please? I’m very interested in buying. Brian

Posted By: Brian kilgannon

A: Thanks for your interest, please take a dash photo from your 2006 BMW X5 for us to check(our email, please also confirm if your car has DSP amplifier, so that we can tell you installation details for your car.
Q: WILL YOUR UNIT REPLACE Factory installed Navi in a 2006 BMW X5. My screen is dead and im looking for a direct replacement.

Posted By: frank

A: This is a direct replacement for BMW X5 radio, it replaces the factory radio/cd screen unit for installation.
Q: I have a 2005 BMW X5 4.4i, it only has the narrow tuner/stereo interface, with the CD player above that, seperate, with a flip-up luxury wood cover. Will I have to remove both the tuner, the CD player, and the wood cover for this to fit? Will it fit?

Posted By: Bennett

A: Yes, it fits your 2005 BMW X5, you will need to remove the both tuner and CD and wood cover then install this new Android BMW X5 navigation, you can check installation instructions here:

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