Aftermarket BMW E60 Android Head Unit GPS Navigation BMW E60 Radio Upgrade DVD optional

Aftermarket BMW E60 Android Head Unit GPS Navigation BMW E60 Radio Upgrade DVD optional

Item #:CG-8806

Regular Price: $600.00

Special Price $435.00

Regular Price: $600.00

Special Price $435.00

This Android head unit is special for 2003-2010 BMW E60 M5 with factory OEM 6.5 inch small screen and aux function.

E60 screen upgrade with Android head unit works with both BMW E60 CIC and CCC system, just the LVDS plug is different.

Update: If your BMW E60 M5 comes with 8.8 inch large screen, this BMW E60 Android head unit can also work, and if your car does not have aux function, you will need to add the small amplifier option to get sound.

Installation Instructions of BMW E60 Android navigation head unit

Limited Time Offer! Only US$435 now, extra 15% OFF for payment via bank tranfser or western union.

Besides, a 16GB SD card with our latest Sygic or iGo GPS maps for free as a gift.

NEW VERSION: This BMW E60 Android screen unit has been upgraded to Android 9 system with 32GB+4GB RAM now.

Product Details

This Android head unit is special for 2003-2010 BMW E60 M5 with factory OEM 6.5 inch small screen or 8.8 inch large screen and with aux function, including BMW iDrive CCC system and CIC system. If your BMW E60 M5 does not have aux function, you will need to add the small amplifier option to get sound from this BMW E60 Android head unit to your car speakers.

Why buy aftermarket BMW E60 Android Navigation Head Unit from DVDGPSNAV?

  • Our BMW E60 Android head unit comes with 3 different UI available: NBT, EVO, ID7, which can be set in settings, that means you will have 3 different interfaces on screen
  • Keep factory radio and CD working, you can easily switch between the OEM menu and new Android menu on one screen
  • Factory direct price, top quality, and excellent service for both pre-sales and after-sales
  • Two years warranty, double testing before shipping
  • Free Android igo or sygic maps available worldwide, lifttime update is also free
  • Software or firmware update is also free when available
  • Separate main unit box from the Android screen unit, so the BMW E60 screen upgrade will not get very hot after a long time use.
  • Support Apple Carplay(optional)
  • 15% OFF for payment via bank transfer or western union or wechat
  • Latest Upgrade in 2019 with Android 9.0 system, Eight-Core CPU, 32GB storage, 4GB RAM now
Latest BMW ID7 interface For This BMW E60 Screen Upgrade
BMW E60 screen upgrade ID7 UI

Main Features:

8.8 inch large HD capacitive screen
High definition 1280*480 resolution
Responsive touch screen
Android 9.0 system
High Speed Eight-Core CPU processor
32GB Applied high speed eMMC Flash, ROM 32GB
High speed memory, RAM DDR3 4GB
Inbuilt GPS navigation system
FREE GPS maps with a 8GB SD card, support Google maps
Support 3D digital GPS maps
Bluetooth hands free phone calling function
Support Bluetooth music A2DP, Android phone or iPhone
Two USB2.0 ports
With SD card slot
Inbuilt WiFi module, external WiFi antenna
Keep factory car radio and CD working after installation
External one din DVD player optional(+60USD)
Support 1080P HD video decode playing via TF Card or USB
Connect to CAN-BUS system
Support steering wheel controls
Support mirror-link function
Support Apple Carplay(optional)
Support rear view camera video input(RCA connector)
Also support original back up camera & parking system

e60 android head unit

bmw e60 android head unit

bmw e60 android navigation


If you want to make sure if this e60 Android navigation unit fit and work with your car, you can send us your car information for further checking, including the following to our email of

1. Exact car model and manufacture year
2. Clear dashboard picture from your car, including factory screen and MENU button.
3. Car has working Aux function or not? This post will tell you how to check Aux

Attention: This BMW e60 Android head unit does not work for e60 with talk detection button near the MENU button, you can see this button below:
bmw e60 with talk detection button

It only works for BMW e60 with only one MENU button as below:

e60 with only menu button

UPDATE: If your BMW E60 has a talk button near the MENU button, we have another similar Android head unit to fit your BMW E60.

If you have any questions or inquires, just feel free to contact us.

Warranty 2 Years

Customer Reviews

Review by Nigel Cardinal
Great Android unit works fantastic and after sales support is really good.
Sarah help me through my whole install I'm a very happy customer. (Posted on 9/25/2019)
Review by Sany
It's great option for old bmw , I bought this ,but not installed yet. (Posted on 4/16/2019)
Review by Jason
This is a great upgrade for BMW E60. I love the clear android screen which is much better than the original one, you can set different UI in factory settings. My idrive controls keep working after installation. By the way, i have a BMW 530xi 2006 year. (Posted on 4/4/2019)
Review by Mike
Great product. Had professional stereo store install it, which I recommend. It replaced my ancient 6.5" idrive screen while keeping 100% of the original functionality. Now the idrive dial controls most important android screen features so the touchscreen is not needed much while driving but super useful for passengers or for when stopped. The reverse camera is light years better than the 2004 OEM camera as well. BE SURE TO INSTALL A RELAY when you install the rear camera or it will blow out your reverse light bulbs. (Posted on 5/19/2018)
Review by nicolas
I've got this E60 navigation unit installed in my E60 520D 2008 before the new year, screen looks good and touch screen is responsive with finger, bluetooth is well recognized by my iphone, the gps works very well, and original function still works, when i press menu button for about 3 seconds the screen will switch from original interface to Android interface, overall i'm very happy with this Android unit. (Posted on 1/3/2018)
Review by John
It's a nice Android unit with good functionality and a nice OEM look, my factory screen is 6.5", with this large 8.8" HD screen, it displays all info from old screen, my idrive works the same as before, i have installed a few units myself over the years, their installation instructions are very helpful, service is good. (Posted on 9/14/2017)
Review by Bray
I installed this android unit about one month ago on my 2007 BMW 525i with aux. It's impressive and this company is amazing, best customer service i have ever had for a online shopping. At first i did not follow instructions and i made a mistake for some plugs connections, after checking with customer service, they told me what was wrong then i finally got it installed without any problems. The system itself runs quickly, screen resolution is great, lots of cool features, so far so good.
(Posted on 7/21/2017)

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Questions and Answers

Q: Do you have navigation/gps for this car BMW 525i 2006? Have AUX. And 6,5 inch sreen. Would like back cam too.

Posted By: Peter

A: This BMW e60 navigation unit fits your BMW 525i 2006 with factory 6.5" screen and AUX. As for the back up camera, some of our customers ordered this trunk handle camera 110x39mm model as well: You can measure the dimensions from your trunk handle and confirm if it's about 110x39mm so you can know if this camera fits. If you have any other questions, just feel free to contact us.
Q: Hola mi e60 520i 2004 tiene ccc chica sin aux. Y no se si lleva eso de fibra optica para amplificador. Problema si lleva o no lleva.

Posted By: Juan

A: For BMW e60 without aux, you can check if your e60 has fiber optic amplifier or not by following this post:
Q: Hi! I have a 2007 525i with navigation. The aux is in the back. (Near rear heater controls) Will this fit my car?

Posted By: Rosalind Kelley

A: Yes, it fits your 2007 525i as well.
Q: I have a 2006 530xi with the voice command button. It is a M-ASK system. Is there any way that I can upgrade to an Android unit?

Posted By: John Rodney Weathers

A: We have another new e60 Android head unit which may be compatible with your 2006 530xi, could you please send a dashboard picture from your car for us to check further? Including the factory screen menus and your MENU button near the shift gear. Please also confirm if your car has working aux function, thanks. Our email is
Q: Hi i have a 2004 E60 530D iam looking to my an android head unit i can seem to find an AUX in my car wondering if ur devices will work an what do i need to get it to work many thanks

Posted By: Jamie

A: Yes, this BMW E60 Android head unit fits and works with your 2004 BMW E60 530D with Aux. As for how to get it to work, you can check our installation instructions(near more images section) for further information.
Q: Is the android screen mirroring mode full screen, or is it only partial.. as in if I want to mirror a movie or t.v. show for my son, will it show full screen?

Posted By: Steven K Crawford

A: For mirror-link function, it just mirrors your phone's interface to the Android screen unit. So if your phone can be full screen when playing a movie or tv, the Android head unit can also show full screen.
Q: Does it have an obd diagnostic accessory available?

Posted By: Steven K Crawford

A: It can support OBDII which is optional. If you need OBDII as well, you can contact us via email
Q: I have a 2008 bmw 550i m sport with the ccc system. No voice command button by menu button. Will the work with the ccc system?

Posted By: Steven K Crawford

A: Yes, it works with your 2008 550i with CCC system.
Q: I have 2010 535i CCC E60 will the head unit for the 2009 year work

Posted By: Jim

A: This e60 Android head unit should work with your 2010 BMW e60 535i CCC system as well, you can send a dashboard picture for us to check further.
Q: Hi, I have single menu button,no aux and the smaller screen in dash. Do you do a system which also has apple car play?

Posted By: Anthony plowman

A: Our unit has Apple carplay optional which costs extra US$50, if your car does not have aux, you will need to add our small amp to get sound, but your car should not come with fiber optic amplifier because our small amp does not support factory fiber optic amp. For any other questions you may have, you can send an email to
Q: hi my unit wont load up just stays on the bmw logo do ou guys know how to fix this ? it the android 4.4.4 thanx

Posted By: steve

A: That's the old unit, our new Android head unit for e60 doesn't have this issue. It can be solved by software upgrade.
Q: Bonjour est que ce dispositif possède la fonction mirror link. Cordialement

Posted By: Olivier Duponchel

A: Yes, this bmw e60 android head unit has mirror-link function built-in.
Q: I have E60 520d 2009 with CCC system, I want to know if is compatible. Thanks

Posted By: Alexx

A: Yes, it's compatible, but please make sure there's not a voice button near the MENU button.
Q: will I be able use same old menus on the same screen beside the new options and features?

Posted By: Ammar

A: Yes, you are able to switch between the old menus and new Android menus on the new Android screen.
Q: Where can I get the backup camera to go with the unit?

Posted By: Keith Williams

A: This backup camera will be installed in trunk handle position: And this camera replaces one of car license plate lights for installation: You can measure the dimensions to confirm which camera fits.
Q: Is the reverse camera included with the screen?

Posted By: Jemaa

A: Reverse camera is optional, if you need, you can check Item #:CG-5026 and Item #:CG-5012.
Q: I have a 2008 bmw 535i i am able to send a picture now and yes my car has a work auxiliary function and my idrive only have one button says menu.

Posted By: clancy

A: Hi, that's great your 2008 BMW 535i has a working aux function and only with one MENU button not a voice button, so our unit fits and works for your car.
Q: I don’t have a navigation system only a single CD player do you have a Android e60 head unit that’s has navigation and dvd that will work in my bmw 530i

Posted By: Greg

A: Yes, this e60 Android head unit has navigation function built-in and external dvd player optional. Please send a dashboard photo from your 2007 BMW 530i to for us to check, including the factory screen unit and MENU button, please also confirm if your car has working Aux function. After checking your car information we can confirm if This Android screen unit fits and works for your car.
Q: I have a 2008 e60 with the Logic 7 speaker system and I love the sound. Will this new unit change the sound Quality? You explain that its run through the aux only is that Correct? Thank You

Posted By: Gary Hillard

A: Yes, for this BMW e60 Android head unit, the sound transfers to car speakers through factory aux mode if your car has it, so you can check the sound quality through your aux.
Q: Is there a ful range signal output via rcas or a fiber optic cable to bypass the fatory amplifier and run my own?

Posted By: kevin mccradic

A: I'm sorry it does not have such rca output, our unit just replaces the factory screen and does not change your factory system.
Q: Hi, I have a 525i of 2004. Will this display fit on dashboard? Thank you

Posted By: Ricardo

A: It fits your 2004 BMW 525i.
Q: Hello, I have an E60 from 2009 with CIC system. Can you also reflect the system with the mobile phone display on the monitor? Thank you in advance

Posted By: Danny Oswald

A: You are welcome. This Android e60 head unit supports mirror-link, and has Apple carplay optional which costs extra US$50.
Q: I have a 2010 528 xdrive without nav. Will this unit work?

Posted By: Mike Cusack

A: Hi, it doesn't matter if your car has original nav or not, please send a dash photo from your car for us to check further.
Q: What model for android screen display I need for my 2006 Bmw 525xi E60

Posted By: Cesar Cabrera

A: This is the correct Android screen for your 2006 BMW 525xi E60. For more information please check this post:
Q: I have a 2008 bmw 528i.. I would like to know what is available for this year model.

Posted By: Dewayne Shannon

A: Hi, please send a dashboard picture from your car for us to check further, including the factory screen and MENU button, please also confirm if your car has working aux function.
Q: I have 530d E60 2003 do this product work on my car?

Posted By: Jyri Peltola

A: Please send a dashboard picture for us to check further, and please tell us if your car has working aux function, if not with aux, make sure your car does not have fiber optic amp. Here's a buying guide for this BMW e60 Android head unit:

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