BMW X1 Android Head Unit Sat Nav Supports Apple Carplay Mirror-Link Back Up Camera

BMW X1 Android Head Unit Sat Nav Supports Apple Carplay Mirror-Link Back Up Camera

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Special Price $459.00

Newest Android head unit sat nav system for BMW X1 E84 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 year without factory screen. If your BMW X1 has factory oem screen, you can contact us for another model.

Support steering wheel control, back up camera video input(camera optional), navigation, Bluetooth phone, Bluetooth music, WiFi, Mirror-Link, USB, SD, Apple carplay optional.

FREE Gifts: we will install latest Android igo or sygic maps for you, maps update is also free from DVDGPSNav.

Good News: This BMW X1 Android navigation has been upgraded with Android 10 system, 8-Core, 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM now.

Installation Instructions of BMW X1 Android navigation

Product Details

Newest Android 10 head unit sat nav system for BMW X1 E84 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 year without factory screen. The BMW X1 Android head unit uses factory aux to transfer music sound to your car speakers, so make sure the factory aux works well. The GPS sound comes out from a small speaker included in the package, so that you can listen to factory radio or CD and use GPS at the same time. BMW X1 Android screen replaces the factory top storage compartment for installation.

This BMW X1 Android head unit does not have radio function, because it keeps using the factory car radio system and CD player. An external one din car DVD player is optional(+60USD)

Check how does the 8" touch screen Android head unit for BMW X1 work via the following video:

This video shows the 8 inch Android 9 screen head unit, if you need larger 8.8 inch screen, you can contact us to add USD60, here's a picture showing you the 8.8 inch with Android 10 system:

BMW X1 navigation Android

The above 8.8 inch screen head unit comes with 3 UI available: NBT, EVO, ID7.

Below is the 8 inch BMW X1 Android screen unit.

bmw x1 navigation

Main Features of Android 10 BMW X1 Head Unit

  • Special for BMW X1 E84 without factory screen
  • Keep OEM car radio and CD player working
  • High Speed Octa Cores CPU processor
  • Android 10 Operation system
  • 1024*600 resolution 8 inch HD large capacitive screen
  • Support touch screen
  • 64GB Applied high speed eMMC Flash
  • High speed DDR3 4GB RAM
  • Inbuilt GPS navigation system
  • Support 2D and 3D maps, Google maps
  • with Android maps for free
  • Inbuilt WiFi, easy to connect internet
  • Phone Mirror-Link function
  • Bluetooth hands free phone calling
  • Support Bluetooth streaming music A2DP
  • Support Android and iPhones as well
  • Support steering wheel controls
  • Support aftermarket backup camera video input
  • USB connection for music or video playing
  • Digital TV of DVB-T(or DVB-T2) box optional
  • Support 1080P HD video decode playing via TF Card or USB
  • Support Apple Carplay(optional)
BMW X1 Android screen

Installation Tips:

  • This Android BMW X1 GPS navigation can only fit and install in BMW X1 without factory screen, keep factory radio and CD working after installation
  • Make sure your car has a working aux function, the music sound from this unit will be transferred to your car speakers through your car's aux mode
  • If there are fiber optic cables from factory plug, you will need to move them to our new plug at the same position
  • If there's no sound after installation, you can check this guide: Solution for No Sound of BMW X1 GPS navigation unit – Installation Tips
Or check this installation manual to learn more about How to Install BMW X1 GPS Navigation System

BMW X1 Android head unit

BMW X1 navigation installation effect

Warranty 2 Years

Customer Reviews

Review by Erik
I just installed my x1 android head unit a few days ago and the fit is excellent and looks great. I love everything about it. (Posted on 5/28/2020)
Review by Joel
Mounted as original, perfect fits my BMW X1 2014 year, navigation is ready to use once got it installed. All in all, i love this Android screen and professional service from this seller. (Posted on 10/14/2019)
Review by Andy
This is not the first unit I have installed but it is the first I have done for BMW X1, i checked installation instruction provided by dvdgpsnav, it was not difficult to figure out how to connect all necessary plugs, remember to check if there are 2 fiber optic cables from original harness, if yes you will need to move them to the new one. Once got it installed i can use GPS, USB, Bluetooth and other function. It's installed Sygic maps, easy to use. The hands free calling works well and the phone conversation is clear and audible. Rear view capability is also something I'm interested in but have not hooked up yet. Overall impressions of the BMW X1 Android head unit are fairly positive. (Posted on 12/21/2018)
Review by Rowell
With the help from Sarah, i finally installed this Android head unit for my 2015 BMW X1 successfully, thanks, this is my first aftermarket unit, if you check the installation instructions seriously, you won't have a problem. It works well together with a control box, like it very much, also touch screen is responsive. (Posted on 7/5/2018)
Review by Emilian
The gps navigation has also Europe' S countries?

>> Yes, we also have Android maps for Europe. (Posted on 3/8/2018)
Review by Peter
- Excellent advice before purchase the device
- On request extensive technical support for installation and commissioning
- Android OS offers functions rather than WINC
- The installation of the device and use with original radio / CD player is a successful solution
- Simple operation for the user (Posted on 7/9/2017)
Review by brian
I own a 2011 BMW X1 which does not have factory screen, so i upgraded it with this BMW X1 Android navigation unit. Absolutely perfect service and fantastic replacement, it works properly and looks great ! I highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for a high quality navigation unit at a great price.
(Posted on 6/9/2017)

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Questions and Answers

Q: Hi, Does the unit have Android Auto built in? Spotify?

Posted By: willie

A: Hi, this Android head unit has Apple carplay optional, it also supports Android auto for Android phones.
Q: I have a BMW X1 2012 and interested in your system, may I inquire why you require the additional small speaker? Can this simply be connected to the existing car speakers? Also I can see that you sell an upgraded larger touch screen version, which appears to fit flush, as opposed to the smaller screen, or is it just your images were taken from a different angle? One final question sorry, do you provide the boot rear reversing camera and associated cables? Thank you

Posted By: Stephen Hutton

A: The small speaker is used for navigation sound, so you can listen to radio or cd sound and navigation sound at the same time. The other larger screen unit is another model. Reversing camera with all necessary cables is optional, you can check the camera here:
Q: I own a 2013 X1 (E84) with the basic in dash unit, storage compartment above the air vents and no screen in that location. Does the 8.8" screen fit and how do I order it? I really want this unit for a backup camera, so what is the recommended camera add-on to pair with this unit? I do not understand the reference to the "phone mirror link function." Is there a video of the backup camera working with this system? Thanks.

Posted By: Alan

A: Yes, the 8.8" model also fits your 2013 BMW X1Q with storage compartment above the air vents. Backup camera is optional, the camera works automatically after you put in reverse gear, and there are guide lines from our camera image. Mirror-link function allows to mirror your phone's image to the unit. If you want to order the 8.8" model, you can send us your shipping address and the payment, so we can send you an invoice and place an order for you. For any other questions you may have, you can contact us via email
Q: Bonjour aimerais acheter pour ma BMW X1 2012 système de navigation avec caméra de recul je trouve système de navigation mais trouve pas caméra de recul pour ajouter à ma commande ai boîte de rangement ai téléphone Apple et Android vos suggestion svp merci

Posted By: Michel levac

A: This unit fits your 2012 BMW X1. You can check the camera here: If you have any other questions, just feel free to contact us via email
Q: I live in the USA and have a 2013 X1 with no screen just the storage box and would like to upgrade. My question is how does the navigation work. Do i have to use my Android phone for navigation or does the unit provide its own navigation and if so do I have to pay a monthly fee. Also do you have any pics of the 10.1 inch screen installed? Thanks in advance.

Posted By: J Davis

A: Hi, our unit has its own navigation function built-in, and we will install GPS maps for you, so you can use navigation once got it installed, and it's free to use navigation, not monthly fee. For 10.25 inch Android screen model installed pics, we just sent to your email.
Q: I am about to purchase a BMW X1 and I am interested in your head units. I have a quick question - I cant decide between the two devices below and I notice you have an 'iDrive' adapter that fits in the coin slot. My question is, how do both units work with the iDrive mouse? Does one of these look more like the original BMW system or do these options have different interface options? I'm just not sure which option to purchase. Many thanks Rob

Posted By: Rob

A: They are with different operation system and different interface, this is with Android system, and the old version is with windowns CE system. Only this new version of BMW X1 Android head unit is available now. Because it performs better than the old wince version and comes with more features. There's a control box included in the package, you can install it near the shift gear where the storage compartment is.
Q: Can I cast my phone screen on this unit?


A: Yes, you can use mirror-link function to mirror your phone's screen to the Android head unit. If you need, you can also choose Apple Carplay option.
Q: I have a 2015 BMW X1 looking for a new system. Do you have the 10 inch screen with android 8? How long does it take to ship the USA?

Posted By: Sharron Allen

A: Yes, we also have 10.15" screen upgrade with Android 8.1 system for BMW X1, you can send an email to so we can send you more details. The shipping time is about 3~5 days by DHL to USA.
Q: I would like to buy navigation on the BMW X1 car. Year of manufacture 2010 designation x drive 20d Thank you Picur

Posted By: Picur

A: Hi, if you need you can place an order on our site, add to cart, proceed to checkout, and complete the order. If you want to confirm if this BMW X1 navigation is compatible with your car, you can send a dashboard photo for us to check further.
Q: My 2014 BMW X1 has the Storage Box in the dash with No Screen. I want to install Navigation and Android 7.1. Will your system work for me? Thank You

Posted By: Richard

A: Yes, this BMW X1 navigation fits and works for your 2014 BMW X1 without screen. Please make sure your car has working aux function, because the sound transfers from our unit to your car speakers through your aux mode.

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