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Best Android system stereo upgrade for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Honda Accord. Aftermarket Honda Accord radio replacement with 10.1″ big HD touch screen, it’s a great stereo upgrade for seventh generation Honda Accord.

Unlike other Honda Accord stereo upgrade, our new stereo head unit supports both dual-zone and single zone air conditioning system of Honda Accord.

Apple carplay/Android auto optional.

Free to use igo or sygic maps, navigation maps available worldwide.

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For seventh generation of Honda Accord radio without a screen in dashboard, you can upgrade the stereo with an aftermarket Honda Accord Android stereo. Based on Android system, 32GB internal storage and 2GB RAM make this Honda Accord radio replacement work well. It’s made directly from our OEM factory in China. 64+4GB optional.

It’s not only a radio replacement, but also a infotainment system which gives you entertainment and navigation while driving. The 10.1 inch big screen is a great upgrade for the original radio system. The Honda Accord aftermarket radio replacement’s screen is clear and responsive for touch screen.

honda accord stereo upgrade
10.1 inch Honda Accord Stereo Upgrade

Can this Honda Accord radio replacement fit my car?

Normally this aftermarket Android radio replacement fits 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 year model Honda Accord, which is called seventh generation. There are indeed some things you should know before buying this Honda Accord radio.

  1. It fits 2003-2007 Honda Accord with original dual zone and single zone air conditioning.
  2. It only works with 7th Honda Accord with gasoline engine, not work for diesel model.

Don’t worry, you can send a dashboard picture from your Honda Accord for us to check, and please tell us if your car is with petrol or diesel engine, whether with dual-zone air conditioning or single zone. Our email is We will confirm if this stereo fits and works for your car.

Honda Accord Stereo Upgrade Features and Specifications

  • Special for 2003-2007 year Honda Accord with dual-zone and single zone A/C and petrol engine
  • Fit both left and right hand drive Honda Accord
  • Plug and play install, no need to cut dash or change wiring harness
  • Latest upgrade to Android 12 system
  • 10.1″ large HD screen, 1024*600 resolution
  • Support touch screen operation
  • 32GB internal storage, 2GB RAM(64+4GB optional)
  • Quad-Cores CPU processor
  • Inbuilt GPS navigation function with GPS antenna
  • IGO or Sygic Android maps, free to use and update
  • Support Google maps as well
  • Lifetime maps update free from us
  • Inbuilt FM/AM car radio
  • Bluetooth supports both iPhone and Android phone
  • Bluetooth hands free phone function
  • Support Bluetooth music with your phone
  • Music and video playing
  • USB function included
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi, support hotspot connection from your phone
  • Built-in amplifier with EQ settings
  • Wallpaper can be set in settings
  • Apple carplay and Android auto optional

This Honda Accord Android radio replaces the factory radio and CD player, your dual-zone or single zone air conditioning system keeps working after installation. Unlike the old Wince system Honda Accord radio, this new Android head unit does not have a DVD player built-in, so you don’t need to buy CD or DVD discs anymore, but you can copy songs and videos to a USB flash drive to play music and video. The installed music and video apps can also play. If you want to listen to the music from your phone through car speakers, you can also easily pair this radio with your phone via Bluetooth, then you can play Bluetooth streaming music with your phone.

If you buy this Honda Accord radio replacement from, we have IGO maps for your country and other countries nearby. Our GPS maps are free to use, maps update is also free from us.

Package include:

1x 2003-2007 Honda Accord aftermarket radio replacement
1x power cable
1x air conditioning adapter cable
1x GPS antenna
2x USB cables
1x RCA cables
User manual can be seen in apps > instructions

There are also other radio upgrade for Honda accord in other years. For example, if your Honda accord is a 2018-2021 year model, this android aftermarket radio fits:

2018-2021 Honda accord stereo upgrade

In order to confirm which radio fits your Honda accord, please send us your exact model, year, and a dash photo for us to check for you.



Question: Will this Honda accord stereo upgrade also hook up to my steering wheel controls once installed in my 2007 accord coupe?
Answer: Yes, it supports steering wheel controls.

Question: Is there anyway to fit a accord vii 2.2 i-ctdi (diesel) and if not why?
Answer: The air conditioning system’s wiring is different for Honda accord diesel model, so the a/c may not work after installation.

Question: I see you offer a replacement radio (10.1″ screen) for my ’05 Accord. I’m wondering if this unit will work to replace my original head unit that has navigation (larger screen than normal Accord models). Also, within the navi-screen I can adjust heating/cooling/fan-speed…etc. will your unit work? Also, it’s my understanding that Apple Air-Play is available for an extra $50. How does that work with this unit?… is it a USB dongle that has to be plugged-in? I’m also interested in getting the reverse camera as well. Will you please confirm that this cam will work with this unit for my Accord. thanks!
Answer: This Honda accord stereo upgrade works with your 2005 Honda accord with factory navigation screen as well, but your top small screen will not work anymore. Our new Honda accord stereo replacement supports your air conditioning system, and the new screen can display air conditioning system information. Apple carplay option is a USB box which connects via USB cable with our unit, and there’s a carplay app. This is the camera for a 2005 Honda accord. It’s compatible with our Honda accord Android stereo.

Question: I have a 2006 Honda accord euro, petrol, right hand drive and duel zone climate control. I’m purchasing and will need to be shipped to Sydney Australia . Is it compatible with my car and will air conditioner still function.
Answer: This Android Honda accord aftermarket radio is compatible with your 2006 Honda accord, it supports your dual zone air conditioning system. We offer free shipping to Australia by FedEx/DHL.

Question: My 2005 DX Accord has standard Honda AC. Will that work with your system? 1 or 2 zone AC systems seem to be an LX and EX feature
Answer: Please send a dashboard picture for us to check further.

Question: Does this have android auto?
Answer: The Apple carplay option also supports Android auto.

Question: I purchased this radio and I have the dual climate control and when I installed the unit my heater controls doesn’t work at all. I’ve been researching these units and some require that Canbus and it is so hard to find the one that works for my 2004 Honda accord. can you get them to work with out that piece?
Answer: As you did not buy the unit from us, your unit is different from ours. Our Honda accord stereo upgrade supports dual-zone climate control without a canbus decoder. As long as your 2004 Honda accord has a petrol engine not a diesel engine, our unit works.

Question: I was just wondering if the 10.1 inch 2003-2007 Honda Accord android head unit came with a back up camera or would I have to purchase that separate?
Answer: It supports a Honda accord backup camera which is optional.

Question: I have a 2005 Honda accord v6 coupe dual control would like to purchase the radio with the 10in screen how can I order it and would I have to change anything?
Answer: Your 2005 Honda Accord comes with petrol engine, right? If yes, this 10 inch screen unit fits and works for your car, just replace the factory unit with the new one. You can add it to cart and place an order on our site directly.

Question: I have a 2007 Honda Accord V6 4 door petrol sedan (fM radio with 6 disc changer with navigation). It has the dual climate controls integrated into the dash head unit control panel. Is this unit compatible with my car?
Answer: Yes, it’s compatible with your car.

Question: There are so many of these systems that don’t work with single zone climate control. One submission you have you state it “now works” with single zone. I want to double check to make sure it does and what is the difference between the ones and the ones that don’t. And how to tell the difference
Answer: For Honda Accord with single zone air conditioning system, we have an extra A/C adapter cable to support it.

Question: Is this unit plug an play?
Answer: Yes, installation is plug and play for 7th generation of Honda Accord with petrol engine.

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7 reviews for 2003-2007 Honda Accord Stereo Upgrade Aftermarket Radio HD Touch Screen

  1. Radio Luisteren

    “Wow, I am absolutely thrilled with the 2003-2007 Honda Accord Android head unit from DVDGPSNav! The upgrade to this aftermarket radio stereo has completely transformed my driving experience. The 10.1 HD touch screen is so crisp and responsive, making it easy to navigate through apps and menus. The sound quality is outstanding, providing a whole new level of immersion while listening to my favorite music. Installation was a breeze, thanks to the detailed instructions provided. I can confidently say that this upgrade has greatly enhanced both the aesthetics and functionality of my car’s interior. Thank you DVDGPSNav for delivering such a high-quality and reliable product!

  2. Charles Kelley

    Easy to install and has lots of upgrades from factory unit. Loving this unit!

  3. Daniel

    Excellent product! Easy install and looks stock. Would recommend.

  4. Phil

    I ordered this aftermarket radio for my Honda accord, it works great, including a/c system, simple installation.

  5. Alan

    Just received the order of honda accord stereo replacement today, my friend installed it for me within an hour. It looks good, you sure get a lot of features for a cheap price, i love 10″ big screen.

  6. Benjamin

    This Android head unit made my 2003 Honda Accord look newer and it works well. Good product worth the price

  7. Peter

    I have honda accord 2007 EX-gasoline, dual climate, this unit works great with my car, installation took less than an hour by my mechanic.

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