10.25 inch Android BMW F30 Navigation GPS Radio Upgrade Aftermarket Head Unit System

10.25 inch Android BMW F30 Navigation GPS Radio Upgrade Aftermarket Head Unit System

Item #:CG-8830

Regular Price: $660.00

Special Price $496.00

Regular Price: $660.00

Special Price $496.00

This aftermarket Android head unit screen upgrade is special for BMW 3 series F30, F31, F34, F35, F80 including models BMW 328i, BMW 316i, BMW 318i, BMW 320i, BMW 330i, BMW 335i, BMW 316d, BMW 318d, BMW 320d, BMW 325d, BMW 328d, BMW 330d, BMW 335d, etc.

BMW F30 screen upgrade comes with 3 styles of UI available: NBT, EVO, ID7. The UI can be easily set in factory setttings.

BMW F30 Android Head Unit Installation Instructions

2022 Latest Version: Android 11 system, Octa Core CPU, 64GB+8GB RAM available now. 

If you need an aftermarket back up camera as well, you can buy this model: BMW Trunk Handle Rear View Camera

Product Details

This aftermarket Android head unit is special for BMW F30, F31, F34, F35, F80 including models BMW 328i, BMW 316i, BMW 318i, BMW 320i, BMW 330i, BMW 335i, BMW 316d, BMW 318d, BMW 320d, BMW 325d, BMW 328d, BMW 330d, BMW 335d, etc.

This video shows you our latest BMW ID7 interface, Android 11 system.

Inbuilt 10.25 inch large HD capacitive screen, 1280*480 resolution, navigation GPS system, WiFi, Bluetooth hands free phone calls function, Bluetooth streaming music, Mirror-link, USB, this BMW F30 Android head unit is a great touch screen replacement of factory screen, if you want to upgrade the factory BMW F30 screen with a larger one, this Android BMW F30 screen upgrade is your best choice.

After installation of this BMW F30 Android head unit in your BMW 3 series, you can still use factory idrive controls to control factory menus which can also be displayed on the new large screen, the new menus are touch screen operation, besides, you can keep using the factory car radio system and CD player.

BMW F30 android head unit

BMW F30 screen upgrade

BMW F30 Android Head Unit Screen Upgrade Features

  • 10.25 inch large HD 1280*480 capacitive screen
  • Support touch screen operation for new menus
  • Original menus can be controlled the same as before
  • Keep factory radio and CD working after installation
  • Latest Android 11 operation system
  • Support installing Android applications
  • High speed Helio 8 CORE 8x(4xA73+4xA53) 2.0 GHz CPU
  • High speed 64GB eMMC storage, 8GB LPDDR4 RAM
  • Apple Carplay optional(+USD50), it also supports Android Auto
  • Built-in GPS navigation system, external GPS antenna
  • Support 3D maps like IGO, Sygic, and Google maps etc
  • Pre install Igo or Sygic maps in this BMW F30 navigation for your country
  • Built-in Bluetooth hands free phone calls function
  • Support Bluetooth streaming music
  • Built-in WiFi module
  • Built-in Mirror-Link function
  • With USB ports for music/video playing with USB flash disk, support phone charging
  • Support 1080P HD videos
  • Support steering wheel controls
  • Support factory rear view camera system or aftermarket reverse camera(optional)
  • External one din DVD player is optional, since you can keep using factory CD player, so DVD player is optional

BMW F30 head unit upgrade

BMW F30 Android Screen

F30 screen upgrade

BMW F30 screen replacement

Warranty 2 Years

Customer Reviews

Review by Pitso
10.25 inch Android f30 Navigation GPS
Radio Upgrade Aftermarket headset unit System (Posted on 1/24/2022)
Review by MarcA
Excellent high quality system! Touchscreen is fantastic as is the customer service and support! (Posted on 3/28/2020)
Review by Max
This 10.25 inch unit looks phenomenal on my BMW 328i, it has the (Wi-Fi) feature I didn’t have before and of course larger brighter and clear touch screen with most of the features that you may need at your fingertips, also the navigation maps look a lot better on a larger screen rather than the original
factory 8.8 inch screen in my opinion, plus I get free map updates as they become available. Install was very easy; a link is available for “plug and play installation” can’t get any easier than that. all my factory functions were retained and fully functional including my HD backup camera etc.
Sales Personnel were prompt and thorough on answering all my questions before and after the purchase.
Without reservation I must say they are very dedicated and very professional people. The unit was delivered on time as schedule. I highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking of upgrading their current unit with
this one, you won’t be disappointed…Great Value! for lots less money and of course exceptional customer service. (Posted on 12/5/2019)
Review by Antonio
I wanted to have a bigger display and the ability to run car navigation without a cellphone, so i purchased this aftarmarket navigation head unit for my BMW 320i. Sygic maps was already installed and ready to use for USA. It looks so great, my friends said the screen is awesome and it looks like original. We all love it. (Posted on 7/15/2019)
Review by Amr
Thanks alot for your help and fast support really grateful (Posted on 3/3/2019)
Review by Moris
i bought this 10.25 inch screen to my bmw f30 2013, everything has been working fine for 2 months after installation, great features, large screen is very clear and responsive, USB, bluetooth, wifi, GPS, everything works fine. Highly recommended. (Posted on 12/9/2018)
Review by Amr
The screen is great . I found all the options I needed . The product is very nice and i m happy with it . Installation was easy by myself no coding needed . Support and response were very fast and helpfull for my inquiries . I also bought the rear camera from them and it worked perfect . Also delivery was on time . (Posted on 3/7/2018)
Review by Bassil S.
Great upgrade from factory screen unit, android system with lots of features, navigation is ready to use once got it installed, bluetooth plays clear music and there are no problems with bluetooth phone calls, steering wheel controls works without additional programming. Overall, it works well and looks great. (Posted on 9/12/2017)
Review by Crystal

>> Just send us your car information including car model, manufacture year and a dashboard picture to sales@dvdgpsnav.com, so that we can check for you. (Posted on 8/31/2017)

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Questions and Answers

Q: I am driving a 2014 model f30 320i I need to upgrade my radio,Navigation GPS how much will it cost me

Posted By: Pitso

A: You can check the unit price on this page.
Q: Will this work for a 2017 BMW 320i? I want CarPlay and the system that I have in my car won’t work and they said since it doesn’t have navigation it isn’t too possible to do CarPlay.

Posted By: Justin

A: Our unit has apple carplay function optional, apple carplay has nothing to do with factory navigation.
Q: will the xm radio still work?

Posted By: dennis ruff

A: It keeps all factory functions working, so does your radio.
Q: Car Model: 2014 320i. Our factory radio stopped working, will replacing it with this unit allow it to work again? It's not a power issue, I think this is a common problem with these cars

Posted By: Don

A: Please note our unit just replaces your factory screen and keeps your factory radio system working.
Q: Good day. I have an f30 but the computer system is cic.. do I need nbt or nbt evo for the android deck to be functional? I don’t need the gps to be working I jus want to know if the deck multimedia features will work?

Posted By: Keagan

A: Please send a dashboard picture from your f30 for us to check firstly.
Q: Hi! Will this fit F36, bmw 420d Gran coupé? Thanks!

Posted By: Patrik

A: You can send a dashboard picture for us to check, so that we can check if this 10.25" BMW F30 Android screen unit fits your car.
Q: hi..i have a 2014 318D bmw with i drive..does this android unit fit my car..i still use my original screen and i want to replace it to a much larger screen..thanks

Posted By: bernard

A: Hi, this 10.25" BMW F30 Android screen should fit your 2014 BMW 318d, you can send a dash photo from your car for us to check further, and please confirm if your car has working aux function, thanks.
Q: I have a 2012 BMW 328i F30 that doesn't have I drive just the basic screen if I got the apple carplay option will this work through the USB port I have in my center console

Posted By: Eli

A: Hi, our unit has Apple Carplay optional, can you please send a dash photo from your 2012 BMW 328i F30 for us to check, so that we can check if our unit fits and works for your car, please also confirm if your car has working aux function. Our email is sales@dvdgpsnav.com
Q: Hello, I own a BMW 320D 2012 F30. HU Entry Can I Fit this product in my Car?

Posted By: Jerson Barriga

A: Yes, this BMW F30 Android head unit fits your 2012 year BMW F30 320d.
Q: i have 2013 BMW 328i. no navigation or backup camera. controler has no optin to choose NAV. only options available on this contropler is AUDIO,MENU, TEL on top and two arrows in middle BACK, OPTION on the bottom. do i need a different controler if I INSTALL this newer newer android system. how i access new features. can i install back up comera to this unit. any extra cables or mounting hardware needed. how long is the warranty.

Posted By: JOSE

A: Hi, you don't need another controller, your original controller can work the same as before. You can switch between factory menus and new Android menus, you can install an aftermarket back up camera to this unit. All necessary cables will be included in the package.
Q: Will the Android 7.1 Operating System work with phone that has Android 8.0 OS?

Posted By: James

A: Yes, the Android 7.1 system works with your Android 8.0 phone for Bluetooth hands free phone calling and Bluetooth streaming music. By the way, the latest version of this Android head unit is Android 9 system, it's also compatible with your phone for Bluetooth.
Q: I have bmw 320d efficient dynamic 2012. I think its f30. Can I upgrade to have android

Posted By: Tony

A: Yes, you can upgrade it to have Android head unit replaced the factory screen.
Q: I own a f30 318d year 2016 with entrynav 7 inch. I want to know if I can use the original GPS system of my vehicle with some GPS splitter.

Posted By: Luigitav

A: Your original GPS system does not work? You can replace the factory screen with this 10.25" Android screen so it provides you GPS navigation system.
Q: Will this work for a 2017 BMW X4? Im looking to switch the in dash display for a larger display. Please let me know. Or recommend a model that will work. Thanks, Chris

Posted By: chris

A: Hi Chris, please send a dashboard picture from your 2017 BMW X4 for us to check(sales@dvdgpsnav.com), so we can recommend you the model that work for your car.
Q: Is everything built into the screen or does it come with an interface also?

Posted By: Wilkinson Flambert

A: There are 2 versions available for this BMW F30 Android head unit. One is with all in one screen unit with everything built-in the screen, the other is with a separate main unit box and a screen unit.
Q: Does this have apple car play? Also does this unit have mirror functions.

Posted By: Vo Ngo

A: It has mirror-link function, apple carplay is optional.
Q: Hi, My 2014 f30 is already fitted with q-roi brand android player with screen upgrade..but it is not working properly.. i wish to go with ur product..will that possible??

Posted By: Ram

A: That's possible, firstly we will check your car information to make sure our unit fits and works for your 2014 BMW f30, please send a dashboard photo to sales@dvdgpsnav.com and confirm if your car has working aux function.


A: You can upgrade the factory screen with this new 10.25" Android screen replacement, so there's GPS navigation system built-in, and we will install GPS maps for your country so navigation is ready to use once installed the F30 Android head unit in the car.
Q: Will this fit a 2014 328i?

Posted By: Nate

A: Yes, it fits BMW 328i 2014 year.
Q: I have a 2013 F30 328i that currently does not have GPS. First, is this unit compatible and second, will my cd/radio and idrive button still function in the same manner?

Posted By: Michael

A: Yes, this Android head unit is compatible with your 2013 BMW F30 328i. Your cd/radio and idrive button still function the same as before after installation.
Q: I am looking for an Android Navigation system which is can work in /compatible with my BMW F30 320D 2015.

Posted By: Pandu

A: This BMW F30 Android navigation system is compatible with your 2015 BMW F30 320D.
Q: Will this work on a bmw 2014 without the touch pad idrive system?

Posted By: Jovan Portillo

A: You can send a dashboard picture for us to check for you.
Q: Hello, I'm cosidering to purchase this unit, i'd like to know where you're shipping from. I'm from Italy and i'd like to avoid unexpected custom fees. kind regards, Francesco

Posted By: Francesco Luna

A: Orders will be shipped directly from our factory in China. As for custom fees, if you have any request for us to do you can contact us.
Q: Hi, I have a 2015 320i F30 in the UK, with a 7inch monitor and was wondering if the navigation with this unit replaces the factory fitted? Also, does this allow Video playback through screen mirroring (Android and/or IOS? Do you provide installation tools / insutrcutions with the product? Thanks.

Posted By: Ronak Jobanputra

A: Hi, yes, this BMW F30 Android head unit replaces the factory screen for installation. It supports mirror-link function, with Apple CarPlay optional. Installation instructions can be seen here: https://www.dvdgpsnav.com/blog/diy-installation-instructions-of-10-25-bmw-f30-touch-screen-android-gps-navigation-system/
Q: Hello, Is this Android head unit compatible with my 2014 BMW 320i? My current head unit is with 7" screen. If so, will I still be able to also receive service notifications?

Posted By: Rachel

A: Hi, this BMW F30 navigation Android head unit fits your 2014 BMW 320i, please make sure your car has working aux function, because the sound transfers to car speakers through factory aux mode. This new BMW F30 screen unit can also display factory menus, you can switch between old menu and new menu, and it does not change factory function, so your service notifications can still work after installation of this new unit.

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