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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this DVD/GPS unit fit my car?

In order to check which head unit can fit your car, please send us your exact car model and manufacture year, please also send a dashboard picture to so that our technicians can check for you. If you can not take a picture from your car at this moment you can also search the same ones as your car's in google images. We usually check the car information firstly before processing the order because we'd like to confirm the head unit you purchased can fit your car. If you don't provide your car information, we will send an email to ask about your car info.

Can you send GPS maps for my country for free?

If you purchase a GPS nav from, we will send you IGO GPS Maps for free as a gift together with a 8GB SD card now(before 2016-3 it's 4GB).

MAPS Available for:

North America: USA, Canada, Mexico
South America: Brazil, Argentina
Western Europe: Norway, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Swizerland, Malta, Denmark, United Kindom, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland, Andorra, Finland, Netherlands, Gibraltar, Republic of Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican, etc.
Eastern Europe: Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, Estonia, Macedonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, etc.
Australia, New Zealand
Middle East: Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE(United Arab Emirates), Kuwait, Oman, Qatar
Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, SZ (Swaziland), Zambia, Zimbabwe
Asia: Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singrpore, Taiwan, Thailand

How to calculate shipping cost, shipping time?

We can ship to worldwide. You can check the shipping cost after you add items you are interested in to the cart, so that you can check the shipping cost for your country on the shopping cart page. As for the shipping time, if you choose to ship by DHL or FEDEX, the shipping time is about 2~5 days to major destinations, if you choose to ship by EMS, the shipping time is about 3~6 days.

What's DVB-T? Can it work in my country?

DVB-T is just an option for the car DVD nav unit, it's digital TV which is widely used in Europe and Australia, if you can not make sure  if DVB-T can work in your area or not, it's better not choose this option. If you don't choose DVB-T, there's analog TV built-in the head unit by default. For more information about DVB-T, you can check wikipedia:DVB-T.

Do you provide installation instructions?

I'm afraid not, most of our DVD GPS units are plug and play, but it does require some specialized knowledge to install it, if you are not familiar with installation, we highly suggest you asking a professional mechanic to install it for you. What we can do is giving you some advices for installation, but not a detailed installation manual. In case you can not install it or faild to install it, please don't blame us, as we are not responosible for installation and we can not guarantee for installation. So a return is not available for failed installation.

How Can I pay?

There are 3 payment methods available, paypal, bank transfer and western union. We can also accept payment via credit cards but through paypal. If you pay by bank transfer or western union, you can use this coupon code CDG10E on the shopping cart page to get 10% OFF for this order. Please note that if you pay by paypal this discount is not available as we need to pay transaction fees to paypal.